DA+ Bistro Table & Chairs MF Delivery New 2/20/2018

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Mindy Astermann

- Dark Addictions Store

Mindy Astermann si working zealously on her new creations, and let me tell you, my dear readers, she is doing such a good work. With new just released DA+ Bistro Table & Chairs MF Mindy is covering segment of furniture market that was kinda empty so far, and i did get many your requests for it; mainly bistro/terrace furniture.

So many sims, private and open for public, are in need of item like DA+ Bistro Table & Chairs MF, so im sure you all will enjoy it in same way i did while i was making this review for you.

Technical details and description from creator, Mindy Astermann:

"** There is a circle rezzer in the center of the table to rez the chairs and umbrella and flowers.

★ Dark Addictions

Outside dining at its finest with the new "Bistro Romance Table & Chairs Set", Snuggle and cuddle as you enjoy this outside dining adventure that can turn into a night filled with passions. PG version also included. slip into a chair that automaticaly perfectly aligns itself for your ease comfort

♦ [DA+] Bistro Table & Chairs MF 2.07

2-14 LI copy-mod mesh
Rezzable Food and Condiments
2-14 LI copy mesh
Maximum LI for 4-8 people with food rezzed = 26
Texture HUD

➤ 200 15-60+ animations
4 single or couple capacity

"When TWO avatars sit together on ONE chair, once one of them starts rezzing food items the other sitter shold use the "For Two" sub menu to rezz extra drinks if desired."

• AVSitter2
• Sliding Chairs
• Target Seating
• Gender Sense
• Rezzable Umbrella
• Rezzable Condiments
• Security option
• Advanced Lighting
• PG version included

Dark Addictions is committed to bringing you the highest quality specialty items at reasonable prices
All feedback is important to us and very much appreciated

For customer service and inquiries contact
❖ Mindy Astermann

Test out the item at the in-world store at your leasure


1. The tabletop items rez from the table center and remain until derezzed
2. Personal condiments rez from each chair while sitting and disappear on syandup
3. Copy of the Texture HUD is placed in the contents of the table and can be dragged to inventory when needed
4. Each chair has an individual single/couple animation engine and can be used interchangably or concurrently
5. Adding more table rezzables can be done with limited knowledge of AVSitter
6. Always detach the HUD after use.
7. When using the texuture hud don't forget about the shading slider on the right side."

DA+ Bistro Table & Chairs MF is by all means interesting item, design is well made down to smallest detail, animations are great and i can claim that we have smart and safe buy for all.

Since creator did so good job of describing the menu i wont go true that but i will confirm that menus are extremely easy and logical to use with so many options and ways to RP.

All animations used in this new DA+ Bistro Table & Chairs MF are high quality, duration long and frame per second rich, chosen to provide you with good visual animated support for your sensual and sexual RP moments.

On test for this review new DA+ Bistro Table & Chairs MF did preformed with out any problems, all items did rez in right spot and on time, animations where smooth in transition and well aligned so i was not able to find any down side to this new fine product.

With my recommendation you can find new DA+ Bistro Table & Chairs MF and other fine Dark Addictions Store products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

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