Pestique Beach Cottage Living Room (Adult)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sara Greene

- Pestique store

This is how the story goes, my dear readers; i was socializing and messing around few of my friends sims, just talking and having good time. And all where kinda complaining about winter, like cant wait for summer, or oh its so good that we can at least live here on beach in SL all the time. Since yours truly, is winter person i didn't pay much attention to all that, i was polite and just keep the conversation flow. But what did kinda "tick" me off when they said that only one store in SL doing beach furniture and that only they are with low price and quality.

The whole idea of my blog, and reason i'm doing all this is to show there is more fish in ocean among other things. So what i will review today it wont be one furniture item, but whole room. Set actually. With all decorations and all seen in pictures included. Ideal and made for beach houses, tiki houses or cottages by the sea. All in mesh, all in low prim and all in more then fair price. So lets start with the review.

Technical details and description from creator, Sara Greene:

"Mesh item - requires a mesh enabled viewer!

PLEASE NOTE - this set is scaled to a more realistic avatar size and as such is a little smaller than some of my other furniture - I recommend that you try the couch inworld!

Huge matching living room set with a nautical flavor. Couples Couch, Armchair, side-table, coffee-table, bookshelf, ceiling fan, decorative shelves, texture change rug and tons of wall decor!

Couples Couch uses the Npose animation system, and has sits arranged in five menus, optimized for a male/female couple. No poseballs - sit directly on the couch! If you are not familiar with Npose, there are no poseballs to worry about, you sit directly on the furniture itself. Ladies sit first! The first sitter will be positioned in the 'female' pose, however there is a swap button just in if you need it :)

Some poses will rezz props, and some props will give wearable objects. Where a wearable is given it will automatically detach when you choose a different pose. Chat, cuddle, enjoy fun activities... this compact couch (NOT petite) and will suit any smaller room.

Matching armchair has single sits and will also rezz props containing wearable items.

Couch and Armchair have a full texture changer menu with 6 pretty pastel fabrics and matching flowers and stripes for the scatter cushions. Couch and cushion textures can be changed separately.

Both couch and armchair can be resized - as a mesh item, it is possible that making them larger can increase the prim count. If the size of the couch is changed dramatically, you may need to reset the animation scripts and/or use the scripts 'Adjust' feature so that your avatar will sit correctly on the couch.

Couch (mod/copy) - Mesh - 3 LI. Armchair (mod/copy) - Mesh - 3 LI

Sit Menu:
Casual - 3 casual sits
Cuddles - 6 m/f couple cuddles
Fun Stuff - 6 fun interactive sets (includes pillow fight!)
Hugs - 8 sweet hug/cuddle sets for a m/f couple

XXX Menu has 3 sub-menus
Foreplay - 6 foreplay
FromBehind - 6 animations
InFront - 6 animations

Adult animations from Sylvas

Wicker Trunk, used as a coffee table, with starfish decor. Will rezz magazines and a potted orchid. Mesh. 12 LI (4 extra LI for the props) Table and props are copy.

Boat shaped bookshelf in light oak, with decoration, includes some free shelves to place your own knicknacks. Mesh. Mod/copy. 4 LI

Vintage distressed side-table with matching table lamp - I packed the lamp and table together however they are separate objects so you could place the lamp anywhere :) Touch the lampshade for on/off. Table (mod/copy) = 2 LI Lamp (copy) = 3 LI

Sculpted ceiling fan with light and ceiling shadow, touch the light or blades to turn on/off. Regular/Sculpt. 4 prims

Two decorative shelves, both modify so you can add your own pictures! Full instructions on adding a picture/texture in the included notecard. Mesh. Mod/copy. 7 LI

Plant Stand in light oak. Mesh. Mod/copy. 3 LI

Wall Decor includes two seaside light box pictures, a porthole style mirror and a detailed ships wheel. All decor is mesh. Mod/copy. 11 LI

Texture change Rug with 6 different textures. Mesh. Mod/Copy. 2 LI

Total is 54 prims

All items are available individually at my store inworld, follow the link below!

Thank you for reading :)"

Pestique Beach Cottage Living Room (Adult) is set of furniture and decorations for whole room. From corner to corner and from floor to ceiling. All that you need is included in purchase box. All in 100% mesh and all in low prim.

High level of customization and matching with space you wanna use it with texture changer, all in copy, and naturally you can use one, two or all items from box. Create your ideal and unique beach house room.

Main advantage is that all is included in purchase box, all perfectly matched together and all for just one fair price. no need for additional spending of time and money and looking for additional items to match with it.

Pestique Beach Cottage Living Room is available in adult and PG version. Bout of them, regarding quality, performance and design are safe and smart buy.

All animations used in Pestique Beach Cottage Living Room (Adult) are high in quality, duration long and frames per second rich, carefully chosen and put together to provide you with awesome visual animated stimulation for your sensual and sexual RP moments.

In addition, on test for this review Pestique Beach Cottage Living Room (Adult) did preform great, animations where smooth in transition and very well aligned for average sized avatars, so i was not able to find any down side to it.

With my recommendation you can find this Pestique Beach Cottage Living Room (Adult) and other fine Pestique store products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

Market Place:


In World Store:


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