[dc] Captives Bed v1.0-av2.11

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: IsisRea Diavolo

- Diavolo Creations Mainstore

Cheap but in high quality is always good formula for sale of anything, and that's the formula that IsisRea Diavolo, owner and creator of Diavolo Creations Mainstore sticks to. I will say its working great, because i do get many requests for her creations form you, my dear readers each week. Today, ill review for you her latest [dc] Captives Bed v1.0-av2.11.

Technical details and description from creator, IsisRea Diavolo:

"I made this CAPTIVES BED with role-play in mind - I want it to be suitable for simply leaving the submissive on it during the night but also to give them a wake up call. The idea of this bed is to get round some of the limitations of animations in Second Life. We all know that is impossible to make something that has all the motion you could possibly desire during a role-play. To mitigate this my furniture has some of the animations that can work for multiple situations you are role-playing. For example examine animations can be used not only to examine the submissive, but also to RP a nipple play, a flogging, a caress or anything similar.

With this bed you can simply play with the submissive, selecting their pose individually from the solo menu, while you select a different solo animation for yourself. There are couple animations that are synchronized animations too, but you can create your own nice little role-play
scene by simply using the different solo animations. There are some animations for which this doesn't work perfectly - the walking animation for example isn't perfect, but has been put in to provide extra options.

So how does this work? Well, if you touch the bed or sit on it you can pull up a menu list of those wearing active relay nearby whom you can pull on to the bed. Whenever someone sits on the bed they will get a menu asking them to select their role - dominant or submissive. It is designed for two avatars so only one bottom and one top can use the bed at the same time. After you have selected your role you will be moved in to the right position and can touch again to get the normal menu. This allows you to select your pose, either a couples position or solo animations to play with one another. As an example you could chain your sub to the bed and watch her struggling while drinking a glass of whiskey, or smoke while she or he is masturbating for your amusement.

Please be aware that the solo submissive poses are suitable for both genders but most of the couple animations are more suitable for female submissive. The dominant poses are suitable for either gender though most of the sexual ones will require a strapon for females dominants.


- 8 land impact at its default size.
- 100% mesh, copy and modify (except the scripts and animations). Props sent to you by the animations cannot be used without the furniture.
- Suitable for 2 avatars only. It can be used by different genres but most couple animations are for female captives. As always, TRY INWORLD BEFORE YOU BUY!
- Uses the AVsitter2 menu engine so no poseballs involved and props are using the latest Experience Key system
- RLV compatible (with an RLV compatible viewer and open relay)
- 1 default texture for the mattress and one "princess texture" as an option
- Options for the owner of the bed letting them decide if the captured person can or cannot access their own animation menu. This can be changed through the AVpose notecard by changing the value after SUBCONTROL from 1 to 0 (details in notecard)
- NO swap option - the submissive wont be able to switch to dominant role
- Hovertext is not switchable in this version of bed (but the RLV captured one wont see it)
- Complimentary, unscripted 2LI bucket decoration
- LockMeister chain system
- Gives cuffs and the dominant can pick props to be temp-attached to the submissive, including unscripted gag, blindfold and/or dildo
- This bed doesn't have cuddle animations, is meant for RP where no struggling is involved!


- !Help - will give a basic help notecard
- Submissive SOLO (18 animations): Tied1, Tied2, Struggle, Kneel, SpreadEagle (for tied sleeping for example), Hide, WornOut 1-5, Masterbate 1-3, Sleep, Jerk 1-3
- Dominant SOLO (4 animations): Watch, Walk, Drink, Smoke
- Synchronized COUPLE (22 animations): Examine 1-3, Spanking, Teasing, Fingering, Waxing, Dildo1, SideSpank, Dildo2, BackSpank, Lick, Pump 1-9, Cum
- ADJUST MENU: select security options, switch faces on/off, adjust animations
- CONTROL MENU: the control menu will give you a capture option if no submissive is sitting. Submissives can't access the control menu. When someone is in the submissive position you will have the following options in the control menu:
- Take Keys/Drop Keys - allows the controlling avatar to "lock" or "unlock" the menu.
- Timelock - start/stop/change the countdown timer for automatic release.
- Restrict - apply various RLV restrictions to the captive.
- Un/Dress - allows you to undress and dress by using the captured one #RLV folder if they have one set up
- Release! - release the captive avatar (if they were captive).
- Menu - goes to the regular pose menu of the CAPTIVE avatar.
- [STOP] - releases and un-sits all avatars.
- EXTRAS - will give cuffs to the submissive avatar, and from PROPS you can add or remove the unscripted ballgag, blindfold or dildo"

Made in just 8 prims land impact, in 100% mesh with texture changer new [dc] Captives Bed v1.0-av2.11 is ideal for any kinda of urban RP, specially for dark parts of town, slums, ghettos or even apocalyptic scenarios.

With amazing low price, high performance and quality, we talking about safe and good buy by all means.

Main menu is logical and easy to use, made in no pose balls system, and after u sit on bed you will get dominant and submissive options. Dominant sub menu is divided on help, solo couple, textures control and adjust buttons.

All animations used in this new [dc] Captives Bed v1.0-av2.11 are high in quality, duration long and frames per second rich, and they will provide you with awesome visual animated stimulation for your sensual and sexual RP moments.

On test for this review [dc] Captives Bed v1.0-av2.11 did performed flawlessly, all animations where smooth in transition, well aligned, RLV did work good, all rezzable items where rezzing in time and in right place and i was not able to find any downside to it.

With that said, i do recommend this new [dc] Captives Bed v1.0-av2.11 and other fine Diavolo Creations Mainstore products to all my readers and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

SL Market Place:


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