*GEL* RLV Heart Pendant Collar

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Gerritt Resident

- Gerritt Enterprises Limited

First i wanna thank you, my dear readers to all feed back and suggestions that you send me after review of new series of GEL collars, all of them i did send to Gerritt Resident.

Gerritt Enterprises Limited Store, well known for fair prices and quality affordable adult bondage furniture continues this new series, and today i will review design that was most asked from you and that's something that looks more like jewelry then collar. New *GEL* RLV Heart Pendant Collar is awesome example of that, giving you options to enjoy in ur submission and in same time don't put "neon sign" on it ;)

Description and technical details from creator, Gerritt Resident:

"Bondage by *GEL* is proud to present a new collection of high quality mesh and sculpted collars that include the latest in scripting techniques for the best in RLV/RolePlay experience.

Each Collar contains:
1) Context sensitive Owner and Options menus
2) RLV Options
a. Full control of all RLV restrictions
b. Clothing and Attachment control
c. RLV Relay
d. Force TP
e. Limit restriction control to all, owner only, or all but wearer
f. Storage and copying of your device settings from one GEL device to the next via a free real-world database (Toggleable)
3) Integration of all your GEL devices currently worn (Owner and RLV options-separately configurable)
4) Texturable using our Universal *GEL* Coloring HUD
5) Pick Lock/Take Key/Give Key
6) Zapper Training Option
7) Leash Option
a. Strict Leash—automatically lock down a user’s tping capability when leashed
b. Chain leashing—leash multiple subs together
c. Object/AVI leashing—leash wearer to any object or avi-no more need of scripted leash posts!

8) Owner mode
a. Multiple Owners
b. Public Mode
c. Group Mode
9) Puppy and Pony AOs
10) Our unique poser system that allows you to create and store literally 100s of poses
11) Over 30 standard animations that may be locked and inescapable by the sub.
12) Caging Option
13) *GEL*Synch-keeps your owner and RLV Settings Synched
14) Free lifetime updates

The Heart Pendant Collar Includes
All Mesh Build with Baked Textures and letters that change via menu!
Changeable 3d Letters via menu!
► Advanced technology
The *GEL* RLV Collars feature an innovative scripting system for those no longer content with bulky Open Collar or reworked freeware Dari Scripts.

The system includes *GEL*Synch-our owner and RLV synching system, integrates with all other *GEL* RLV devices.

As well the system integrates with our CARP system! Wearers can choose to allow themselves to be tracked anywhere on the grid by only owners or random strangers!

► Access
The device is accessible
• via clicking,
• via the command channel, the initials of the user and the device name e.g. /3gcollar,
• via a HUD (provided separately).
► FEATURES Details:
• Mesh and Sculpted Build
• Multiple Owners
• Badword control
• Mouselook Control
• Camera Control (prevent wearer from camming)
• Includes our *GEL*Synch technology
• Full RLV restrictions over world interaction
• Full menu driven system
• Internet based HELP

►PURCHASE Includes:
• 1 Collar copy/mod
• 1 Pose stand
• 1 Remote Control HUD
►ALL our RLV Devices on display at our main store
►Problem or Question?

Simply SEND AN IM OR A NOTECARD TO Geldough Resident with the details of your Transaction order/Question. I will do my best to answer you as soon as possible-usually within 24 hours.


Bondage by *GEL* © Design Copyright."



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Different and unique, but in same time easy to use, with high level of quality in craftsmanship and details new line of Gerritt Enterprises Limited Collars will be loved by RLV bondage novices in same way like by professionals and life stylers. What i like in *GEL* RLV Heart Pendant Collar is that on first glance it looks more like piece of quality jewelry then scripted collar and thats actually "look" that many of you, my dear readers asking me for.

Also i would like to emphasize that low price of product is only because creator, Gerritt Resident, wanna make his products affordable to all SL users. Other sets and products that will easily cost you 5 times or more then this one are not better in quality or performance.

After several hours of intensive and hard testing on different sims, with different lag, i was not able to find any down side of this new fine *GEL* RLV Heart Pendant Collar. All the functions where supported and working in order, with quick and smooth response, and i was not able to find any down side to this new fine product.

With my recommendation you can find this new *GEL* RLV Heart Pendant Collar and other fine Gerritt Enterprises Limited products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

SL Market Place:


In World Store:


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