Xplicit Vault

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jodi Morane


Now and then, not often and definitely not as much i would like, new products come to market that really moving the limits and setting new standards. Bout in quality and innovations. All of you, my dear readers, know by now that i like unusual furniture and to have sex menu in unsuspected and creative places. That i like furniture that you can update and upgrade. And all that and more i did find in new Xplicit Vault.

Technical details and description from creator, Jodi Morane:

"Introducing The Vault
This a furniture rezzer system that will transform your approach to how you decorate your home. This will become your new furniture inventory solution. The Vault comes with four default pieces of furniture; you can also purchase installers and add new pieces of furniture into your Vault.
The default items are all BDSM related items. Each item can be rezzed individually, so you can control your land impact count.
The Vault includes:
The Swing : 7 LI, 50 animation, 2 scenes,
The Cross : 8LI, 71 animations,
The horse: 7 LI, 28 animations
The Toy display:
All default furniture are top quality mesh items with fluid animations. They all use the avsitter no poseball engine with a RLV and security menu.

Access to the Vault can be set to everyone, group, or owner only. Default is everyone.
• Rez:
Rezz or de-rezz each loaded piece of furniture to the floor. All rezzed objects can be re-positioned manually.
When items are repositioned manually, use the update pos button to save the position. This position will be remembered, however, if Vault is taken up, these positions will be lost.
You can change the appearance of the Vault or make it completely invisible.

You can also retexture all the rezzed objects at the same time. When items are de-rezzed and re-rezzed the default black textures will reappear. You must retexture for each time the item is rezzed.
You can resize your Vault. The land impact will changed depending as size as this is a mesh item. You may need to update the positions of the rezzed items if the Vault is resized. Please remember that resizing a mesh item will change the land impact. Making the Vault bigger will also make the land impact increase.
Open or close Vault door.
Remove all rezzed items together.

To install a new item into the Vault
• Drop the installer box next to your Vault.
• Touch the installer box and click yes, to agree to install it.
• Wait while the installer box contacts the Vault and arranges the installation.
• Once the installation is completed the installer will let you know to delete it, keep your original installer box for the future.
• Now you can touch the Vault and rezz the new item from the Rez menu.

Check the store regularly to see the new installers."

We all keeping our priced possessions in safe and secure places in RL. Why should Sl be any different? :)

New Xplicit Vault really does keep treasures in side with more then plenty places for new ones. Vault doors are just 2 prims with texture changer, in 100% high LOD mesh that will give you following options after you click on it: access, rez, textures, resize, update pos, door, derez all and help button.

All buttons except rez one are self explanatory so i will focus on him; after you click it you can choose swing, horse, cross or display. All additional toys with they own menu that he will rez for you. Now i know what will true SL furniture fans say; fun but whats so new and revolutionary in that? Answer is plenty. i know few "similar" devices will rez one item at the time, but no texture changer in any of them. here you can change texture on each new rezed item. One is like none? Heck rezz two or all fo them. Yup all in same time and all functional with separate different big sex menus. Didi i mention you can rez them sim wide and in different heights? You can :) Upgrade is just better script or pose or two more? Nope. Upgrades in this case are whole new furniture items, with texture changer and different separate menus that you can purchase and install in side or use as separate items/objects. how hard is that to install? Two clicks hard. Yeah but when those additional upgrades will be available? Some are available right now. Price? Not over 1000 L$ per each additional item/object. Is that cheap for low prim 100% mesh texture changer toy with big new sex menu? Hell yes :)

So i hope you see and understand what im trying to tell you. Whole dungeon, or just one item at the time, across whole sim or just in one room. And when u get "bored with it, just get your self additional update item package and you having something that will keep flame burning again.

Xplicit Vault is BDSM item. If you looking for cuddles and dances you wont find them in side. Plenty of them in new XPLICIT FURNISHINGS v9 bed that i will be reviewing in few days. But if i can have only one item from XPLICIT FURNISHINGS sex furniture store that would be new Xplicit Vault.

Don't take my word for it if you don't like, but be sure to check it by your self on links under the text, otherwise you will be missing allot of fine adult furniture at great price ;)

With my recommendation, on links under the text:



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