Warm - CockSuckR II No Poseballs HUD

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: WarmAnimations Lisa

- Warm Animations

New product from well known Warm Animations Store, Warm - CockSuckR II No Poseballs HUD is something that i'm sure many of guys where long time looking for, and not just guys but girls to ;) With this new product i will be finally able to have bj any place you like, with or with out rez rights on land.

But good news dont stop there, whit few new ideas and RLV this new HUD will allow you to have closest match (alignment) possible depending on your body shape etc.

This is how creator, WarmAnimations Lisa explains it:

"A few things you need to know to make your hud work perfectly!

The Owner of the Hud must have RLVa Active in the viewer preferences! ? Even if you are a male Dom this RLV this will only ensure that your avatar to move in the direction and rotation of your partner!

Because the girls shapes are very variable some hare them tall others them shot This hud was made using the Warm - Standard shapes Male and Female (shapes available in world store on links under the text) you can use them for a better matching! All tough we provide a PageUp and PageDown that allow the hud Owner change his hight position by pressing them in order to have a better match!

About the Cock:
We make this HUD using a >> Aeros Cock Nemo << and a Xcite! X4 - The Titan Bundle.

In this pack you also found a AvSitter prim with the animations as well the notecard's to can add the same animations for a object that you already own.
A Warm PoseBall with all the animations with menu driven that you can rez in your place in order for you or others use it.
A Intan Couple Ball Box with the animations as well as the Intan Notecard!"

Video link:


*animations also work on open collar couple animations, aldo creator and i think that hud provides a better matching

I personally did like the idea and quality of warm animations is well known so im sure you will enjoy them to :)

Warm - CockSuckR II No Poseballs HUD is available exclusively on INDULGENCE BDSM & KINK FAIR JUNE 2015 till the end of the month and after that it will be available in Warm Animations in world store and SL market place:


*product available right away


In world Store:

*product available after July 01. 2015.


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