LadyX Gratitude Promo Bed Sale

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sophia Miasma

- LadyX-BDSM Mesh Shop

Sophia Miasma, owner and creator of LadyX-BDSM Mesh Shop, after her abstinence from SL and reopening her store wanna thank all the fateful and loyal customers, "old" ones and all of you that will become satisfied user of her quality creations with generous gesture; special series of her four entry level promo priced bed sets, just 350 L$ each!

LadyX-BDSM3CanopyRoyale V4.01 (PROMO), LadyX-BDSM3 SleighRoyale V4.01 (PROMO), LadyX-BDSM3 Sand Piper Mesh V4.01 (PROMO) and LadyX-BDSM3 Victorian Gold (PROMO)V4.01 are full bed sets, with all decorations, pictures etc, that you can get at this amazing promo price sale true June.

Technical details and description from creator, Sophia Miasma:

(due to the fact that we got 4 different bed sets from design side but with same menu, i will only print here description of LadyX-BDSM3CanopyRoyale Sex Bed V4.01. Description of the other 3 beds you can find on SL market place on links under the text. Menus are same but beds are different in prims, design and items that you get in the sets same as the number of items that you get in purchase box)

"This bed set is a promotional item and as such is offered at a highly discounted price but it is no copy and not re-deliverable.
Introducing the new LadyX- BDSM3 Canopy Royale! Lady X products always feature sophisticated and elegant design, the finest collection of animations on the grid, intuitive navigation, superior features and ease of use, and because they are now 100% mesh construction, remarkably low prim counts and land impact.
All LadyX Beds now include all additional furnishings with each sale. This set includes the following.

Bed 21 LI
2 Nightstands 1 LI each
2 Lamps 2 LI each
2 Rugs 1 LI and 2LI
2 Pictures 1 LI each
Books and Rose 1 LI each

The bed menu contains:
6 Cuddles
5 Foreplay
6 Oral
2 Anal
10 M/F sex poses
2 After Love
6 Lesbian
3 Foursomes

This bed is fully functioning but only has a fraction of the animations included in the full set. It is also no copy and no transfer. You can still modify the build and the lamps, side tables, rugs, books, rose and pictures are copy for you. We hope you'll enjoy our promo set and visit our shop for more of our exciting products."

Satisfied customers are the best commercial and recommendation for any store, RL or SL. But that does not mean that that's the only commercial and advertisement that you need to have ;) For all those that have forgotten how good and how quality LadyX products are, here is unique way to refresh your memory. For just 350 L$. Also for all of you that are younger then 16 month in SL and never have chance to see LadyX store, here is your invitation. For just 350 L$. And specially for you, my dear readers and LadyX old fateful customers, that did remember her, enjoy her products in the past and wanna welcome her and her creations in yours, ours SL future, big "thank You" from Sophia Miasma.

All beds containing high quality animations, but menu sizes are limited to some extend for promo priced models. But don't worry, they still have more then enough in side to set you and your parter in the right mood and get job well done ;)

If you wanna more animations in same design you can always come back and purchase full version of each bed that you like. But this time with 100% certainty of the quality and performance that you where able to testify in the privacy of your own SL home. For all of you that are owners of open to public sex places and sims, give it a try. For only 350 L$ you will get new "toy" for your club and sim, and if your visitors like it, and i'm sure they will, you can always come back and buy version with full "deluxe" menu.

With my recommendation you can find this PROMO and other fine LadyX-BDSM Mesh Shop Products on INDULGENCE BDSM & KINK FAIR JUNE 2015, SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

INDULGENCE BDSM & KINK FAIR JUNE 2015 (opening for public June 01. 2015)


Market Place






In World Store


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