WSS Saturday Double feature

.:WSS:.classroom - grandfather - pack & .:WSS:. simple pallet

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Tarma Frakture

- WSS Weird Sex Stuff

Class room and high school RP is never out of style, and i do getting constant requests for that kinda items from you, my dear readers. So today i will review really big one for you, and, since is weekend, why not add one free gift to it, just for fun ;)

Technical details and description from creator, Tarma Frakture:

".: Weird Sex Stuff :.

bondage & BDSM sex full classroom - old

•teacher's sex desk (modify / transfer permission)
•Bondage & BDSM sex blackboard with trash (modify / transfer permission)
•student's sex table (modify / copy permission)
•student's (or visitors) sex chair (modify / copy permission)

All items can be bought separately.
You can modify objects but animations are no modify.

Student's table and individual chairs are copyable. You can rezz as many as you want to fill your sex classroom or education place

full classroom 40 prims...
(1 desk, 1 table, 1 chair, 1 black board, 1 trash)

Total of more than 530 menus items
exhibition, masturbate
Sexy dances
Look at
Attach front
Attach back
sex sit
sex ton table
sex on ground
3somes (MMF, MFF , gays, lesbians)
Couple x 2 (for animations / menu button)

Include Full Perm Gift In The included trash :
12 Items / text on-off
(Whip-Gag-Tape-Scar-Cuffs male & female...)

6 black board textures you can easy swap - change.
Just drop your own textures on the board to play them using the player (next, back, auto-play, stop)

Almost All Individuals Animation Are 30 Sec / 900 Frames with realistic facial expressions

Easy operations and poses adjustments.
Owner may set to use by owner only/group/all

Come to see and try our originals animations at our main shop!!!!"

Ok let me say few things about .:WSS:.classroom - grandfather - pack. Its full set of 5 items, 4 of them with sex menu. Each can be rezzed separately, and if you rez them all you will need 40 prims for them on your land, and thats quite low for such big set.

All of the items except of the Bondage & BDSM sex blackboard with trash are copy, so you have options to fill up your class room as full as you like. Make perfect RP scene, photo studio set, or just enjoy them one of the time.

.:WSS:. simple pallet is group gift from WSS Weird Sex Stuff and its free same as membership in WSS Weird Sex Stuff store group. All you need to do is TP in world store, join group and pick it up. Link is on bottom of the article.

Prim low (just 3 prims land impact) with big menu for fun sex and 3 some, this new .:WSS:. simple pallet will be great addition to any construction site RP, urban slum or ghetto and it contains same quality in animations and performance as any other WSS Weird Sex Stuff Store product.

What i can say about bout .:WSS:.classroom - grandfather - pack & .:WSS:. simple pallet is that they bout have premium high quality animations, that are duration long and frames per second rich, and that bout of the products will ensure and provide you with great visual animated stimulation for your sensual and sexual RP scenarios.

Also on test for this review bout .:WSS:.classroom - grandfather - pack & .:WSS:. simple pallet did performed flawlessly, all animations where smooth in transition, well aligned, all items did rezz in time and right place and i was not able to find any downside to them at all. Really well made and fine products.

With that said i do recommend .:WSS:.classroom - grandfather - pack & .:WSS:. simple pallet and other fine WSS Weird Sex Stuff Store products that you can find on links under the text:



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