H&S~Multi-Texture Living Room Sofa & Chair Set~

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Abbadon Soulstar

- Heart & Soul Designs

New release from Abbadon Soulstar, owner and creator of Heart & Soul Designs, H&S~Multi-Texture Living Room Sofa & Chair Set~, is ideal for club owners and renters of furnished homes, 100% mesh and politically correct in copy, it will provide fun for couples of any sexual orientation; hetero, lesbian and gay. So lets start with review :)

Technical details and description from creator, Abbadon Soulstar:

"Featuring the *NEW* AVSitter 2 Engine ( NO POSE BALLS ) just click and sit. One of the many new features of AVsitter2 is selecting your role when sitting, when you first sit each person will get the menu, notice the arrangement of sitter options.


⁂•:.♥.:• ⁂SO HOT! ⁂•:.♥.:•⁂
We have over 400 high quality animations in this product, you'll be pleasantly surprised Comes with 10 Sofa & Chair texture choices and 22 pillow textures choices all Menu selectable. Both piece are MESH and low LI. H&S~Multi-Texture Living Room Chair~6LI and H&S~Multi-Texture Living Room Sofa~7LI. The Sofa has a rich and full menu features single sits fo male and female, you and you partner can cuddle or indulge in some steamy hot intimate fun.
H&S has combined with this sexy sofa an amazing Girl Girl + Guy Guy menu both featuring warm sensual cuddles and intense sex you and your friends will send many enjoyable hours experimenting with the many options you'll find in the set. Perfect for any home and style.

Our animations have been carefully lined up and fitted for maximum pleasure. if your shape differers from average to larger avatars never fear, AVsitter has made adjusting so simple and easy you'll love just how painless it is.. See the step by step instructions below. remember to turn off your AO---Enjoy!
**REMEMBER THIS TO AVOID CONFUSION** It's always better to have one person driving the menu.**

This Item is click and sit no pose balls. look for the chair icon when you move your cursor over the the item. When you see the chair just click & sit if you close the menu just click again to retrieve it. Each User can adjust their position using the simple and easy to use menu. From the first page of the menu select adjust, then use the following guide if you are happy with the position hit save it will remember you the next time you use it.
X moves your avatar Left or Right using the direction arrows on your keyboard
Y moves your avatar Forward or back using the direction arrows on your keyboard
Z moves your avatar up or down using the direction arrows on your keyboard
On the Personal Adjustment tab on your menu you can see the options available
Most common setting to use is the is the 0.01 movement this will slowly and safely move your avatar in small increments when you are accustom to using this method you may experiment using larger increments. If you screw it up, you can all ways resort to default and start over with smaller increments :-)
If you save AVsitter will remember you...so you should only have to make adjustments once.

======================= About Us ===========================

Heart & Soul Design specializes in high quality furniture and equipment for open minded adults. Featuring a combination of the latest high quality animations and easy to use menus, H&S products will quickly become your favorite items in SL.
From cuddles and kisses to walks on the wild side trust H&S for all your playtime desires.
XoXo Abs & Q"

New H&S~Multi-Texture Living Room Sofa & Chair Set~ provides, rare to find in sets, couple animations for all sexual orientations; hetero, lesbian and gay. H&S~Multi-Texture Living Room Chair~6LI is for hetero couples and H&S~Multi-Texture Living Room Sofa~7LI is for lesbian and gay couples. I really need to emphasize huge texture changer menu, that will make blending this fine new H&S~Multi-Texture Living Room Sofa & Chair Set~ in any indoor space of your choice extremely easy.

Bout menus in chair and sofa are made in AVsitter™ seat select 2.0 no pose balls system, easy to use and logical. Bout menus cowering all from sits and cuddles to hard core sex, so all will find plenty for any RP scenario in side :)

All animations used in new H&S~Multi-Texture Living Room Sofa & Chair Set~ are high in quality, duration long and frames per second rich, carefully chosen and put together to provide you with awesome visual animated stimulation for your sensual and sexual RP moments.

In addition, on test for this review new H&S~Multi-Texture Living Room Sofa & Chair Set~ did preform great, animations where smooth in transition and very well aligned for average sized avatars, so i was not able to find any down side to it.

With all that said i do recommend new H&S~Multi-Texture Living Room Sofa & Chair Set~ and other fine Heart & Soul Designs products to all my readers and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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