Turlaccor Custombike StreetBob Aggressive Attack

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Turlaccor Mode

- Turlaccor Custombike Store

Many says that nothing expresses freedom more then open road, bike under you and ability to drive it where and when you like it. If you are one of that persons, new Turlaccor Custombike StreetBob Aggressive Attack is made for you. American classic, strong, reliable and above all individual.

Technical details and description from creator, Turlaccor Mode:

"Turlaccor Custombike use the best script in circulation,
KCP ACS CHOPPER SCRIPT and Pose menu Fully customizable of Turlaccor Custombike.

The New creation of the TC - the best ever for the competitions, Physique shape for better stability, 2 Themes, texture fullperm, come and try it

Structure of the Motorcycles in Mesh

Bags and Hood - Install/Unistall

Physique System, which improves driving,
and prevents lock in the walls

8 Park Animations for Driver and Passenger


Editable Color and Texture -
Fullperm Texture For Create your Custom Paint

in the box is a version "LOWLAG" best in running events, and trips between sim and sim, sim cross


Pose Menu - Love Emotion EXTREME 160 Pose :

Unique Animation

Features of the bike:

Clicking on the bike or on hud you will have the following functions:

Passenger Sit

Ability to drive mouselock

Directional lights flashing

Customizable controls

Anti-theft system


Manual or automatic gearbox

Resizer - enlargement or shrinking of the bike

Position - modification and regulation of the avatar on the bike to improve posture

Burnout - scoured and smoke



Parking - When you get off the bike, it tilts and rest on the stand in a natural way

Different set of sounds for the engine

Avatar posture on the bike change automatically depending if it is running or stop or reverse


a special HUD when wearing the bike will simulate the gas,
then the gas will end while driving, it will be possible to put it on
fuel tanks, fuel pumps are compatible, etc.

Compatible Motorcycles with the major combat systems Role Play DCS and others, if you shoot the bike can happen - can be damaged, the bike may lose components, the bike can explode!


you can turn the 19 radio channels typing in localchat r + number in this way - example r1
to stop the sound, type the word in local chat rstop

MP3 CD Player:
Open the package CD For Your Bikes - put the CD while you are seated, remove it before going down!

Avatar posture on the bike change automatically depending if it is running or stop or reverse


ATTENTION: for the different models of motorcycles and avatars, positions not always will match perfectly,
but you can simply adjust them from the menu


To sit on the bike tastro right-click with the engine and then sit down,
the partner can sit clicking on the seat of the bike.

Use the Shift and Arrow keys left and right, you can change the gears it is also possible using the HUD or the menu of the bike
with the Up and Down the Moto rears, in the Options menu you will find other for sound editing and basic position,
Parking Options. you can get in parking mode. This was the basic option of the script, but was improved inserting the Menu poses Love Emotion
other options in this regard are viewable from the "Help Bike ENG" in the bike."

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When i rezzed my Turlaccor Custombike StreetBob Aggressive Attack from purchase box my first impression was "damn i like this bike!". Design is just great. Detailed, flawless and timeless. I did place my group logo texture on license plate, and just start to drive. Curve after curve i was liking this new bike more. It just handles good, straight out of the box. Holds the road well, climbs good, slides even better. So after good hour, when my hand starts to show first signs that is tired from hitting keyboard and riving i decided to take break and check menu.

From dances to hard core sex all was is in side. Plenty to choose from, with high quality animations that are duration long and frames per second rich. All animations where aligned good and they where rezzing in right time and place. I was not able to find any down side to it.

Turlaccor Custombike StreetBob Aggressive Attack is down to core super quality made, detailed bike with sex engine, and on testing on different lag sims the performance was impeccable. As in driving same in use of sex menu all was smooth and easy. Awesome bike :)

With that said i do recommend this new Turlaccor Custombike StreetBob Aggressive Attack and other fine Turlaccor Custombike Store products to all my readers and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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