PrimPossible 1 Prim ULTIMATE Infinite Bedroom 3,000 Animations

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Ample Clarity

- PrimPossible 1 Prim Furniture Store

Time don't wait for anyone, things must change and evolve or they get run down by time and progress. I'm blogin adult furniture for almost two years now, day after day, and i did see many things. Menus getting better, new systems coming up, texture changers beginning to be standard for any better furniture etc, so i will take my self liberty to say that this fine new product that im reviewing for you today, my dear readers, brings new unseen solutions and that i do hope many furniture makers will take some ideas used in this bed as standard for future. From PrimPossible 1 Prim Furniture Store i present you PrimPossible 1 Prim ULTIMATE Infinite Bedroom 3,000 Animations.

Technical features and description form creator, Ample Clarity:


Single sit including Roleplay: 364 Animations
Couples including roleplay: 620 Animations
Dancing (Strip Tease, Lap Dance, Pole Dance, etc): 262 Animations
BJ: 140 Animations
69: 52 Animations
Lickher: 112 Animations
Handjob: 30 Animations
Fingering: 28 Animations
Regular Sex Positions: 764 Animations
Climax: 18 Animations
Lesbian: 112 Animations
BDSM / Vampire / Cross: 328 Animations
Threesome: 171 Animations
4some: 28 Animations
Sequences: 30

Finally after months of hard work, we are now ready to proudly announce that your Ultimate Infinite Bedroom is here, available to all of you to explore a new level of interaction for every situation possible.

Now why are we proud you ask?
Here is why : The Ultimate Infinite Bedroom boasts more than 3,000 animations in every category imaginable--so much so that we had to create a Mind Map to make it easier for you to navigate through multiple menus.
We have organized and simplified the animations in such way that even the regular menu flows the animations according to your mood & play style.

Group/public/owner access for texture changer and animations separately

Turn bed invisible or turn it into just a pillow (through the menu) so you can use your own bed and use our animation engine!

12 Bedroom Designs

100 Textures

Free and instant updates (FOR LIFE) through our servers

100s of motion capture animations

20 props

Give items menu with sex toys and much more for anyone who touches the bed.

1 PRIM ONLY!!!!!

So now let's see what we have for you to engage & experience SL with this awesome bed shall we?

First of all, every single animation is named appropriately so the animation name alone should give you an idea about what it would correspond to. This was the most fun part for us in this entire project so you can expect some titillating, humorous & creative animation names to explore & play around with. Every animation under these menus will add flavor to your mood & experience by simply flowing with the situation that enhances the mood that you are engaged in.

There are hundreds of Single Animations to begin with if you are looking for some *Me Time*, this bed has Single Sits for every situation imaginable to play around the bedroom. Starting from Yoga, Sleeping, Moody times, Roleplays & different sitting styles for both partners.

Now as we get to the couple's MENU you will find that every Menu header would give you an idea about what sort of animations you may find inside it Such as BedLay or Standing. Couple's menus includes animations for every scenario possible. From the first date awkwardness (err Shyness), Arguments, Massage, to Sleeping. Let's not forget RP! So do take your time to explore through the Couple's menu... you might find something new to do with your partner. Oh oh & don't miss out on Dancing, it is awesome!

For our adult customers We have compiled Heterosexual, Lesbian, BDSM, Vampire animations & more in our Adult Menu. We are pleased to let you know that the Animations such as the ones under BDSM come with free BDSM props added to the bed so that your experience can be vivid & complete. We must add that the Vampire animations are quite something, so do take a look while you are at it. The Adult menu also has Lap dance & Pole dance for both sitters which are absolutely amazing!. I don't think I'd have to elaborate on Hetro animations much, as I am confident that we have compiled animations for all the possible situations--from Foreplay to Anal. What's more? How about threesomes & orgies? you bet! so if you are looking to explore & discover your sexual side & fantasies, well you know what to do.

Also did I forget to mention the sequences? When you are at the store do not miss out on the sequences that have been created with selected animations to create a story about, well everything that we could think of from PG to Adult.

We have about 30 Different stories that has duration range of 6 minutes to 1 hour compiled together specifically for you. I would imagine that at times we all want to let the story unfold without having to click for it."

First thing that i would like to emphasize is don't look at this fine new PrimPossible 1 Prim ULTIMATE Infinite Bedroom 3,000 Animations as on something that main goal was to cut down prims. That will be far from truth. What this new product is giving you is lowest prims land impact possible but by that design, options and features of the bed was not harmed at all. It's not some chop down and cut piece that is good for noobs only, this is high class product fit for all. Available in transfer and copy version.

Menu is big, over 3000 animations in total, but again don't let that scare you. Aldo big, its extremely logical and intuitive, and i doubt that any one will have any problems with using it. I usually in my reviews giving some menu and sub menu names but in this case that will take to much space. Main thing is that each animations and sub menu has his own name and that even when i rezzed this new fine PrimPossible 1 Prim ULTIMATE Infinite Bedroom 3,000 Animations for the first time in my castle i was handling menu like i have it for month. Additionally you can even use this fine product for some other bed that you own already. Bed can be turned transparent so you can use your OWN bed and use this as an engine. You can even turn it into just a pillow and use your own bed and the pillow as a reference for something to click on :)

All animations used in this new fine PrimPossible 1 Prim ULTIMATE Infinite Bedroom 3,000 Animations are in high quality, and on test for this review all of them where smooth in transition and well aligned. All props and all else was rezzing in right place on right time and i was not able to find any down side to this well made new product.

With all that said i do recommend this new PrimPossible 1 Prim ULTIMATE Infinite Bedroom 3,000 Animations and other fine PrimPossible 1 Prim Furniture Store products to all my readers and you can find it on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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