J.L. Designs XCITE RLV - BDSM Post

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jay Lordhunter

- J.L. Designs

Jay Lordhunter, owner and creator of J.L. Designs store is making big steps to please his customers and provide them with awesome products for RP. Latest creation from him is J.L. Designs XCITE RLV - BDSM Post, high detailed and well made BDSM product so lets start with review :)

Technical details and description from creator, Jay Lordhunter:

".::: J.L. Designs - BDSM Bondage Post:::.

Prims & Permissions
• The Bondage Post feature's a high detail design and realistic style.
• Includes 9 wood choices to choose from and can be accessed from the menu.
(Note: Rez-able chain points are in the 1 - 5 land impact range)
•BDSM Bondage Post - Only 6 land impact!
•Rez-able Props are 100% Mesh with a low impact design to maximize your prim usage when out.

• Permissions - COPY / MOD / No Transfer. This set is Copy and Modify. That means you can modify the different parts of the item itself. The contents (scripts, animations and rezzable props) are not modifiable or transferable. (Please don't ask to have these changed)

J.L. Designs BDSM Bondage Post Engine Features:

• 149 Quality Animations
• 83 poses loaded (Some animations are used for both male and female menu sections)
• 19 Well laid out and easy to navigate menus.
• 37 Give Items for you to use.

• An extensive BDSM Selection that give you the options of Single captive poses, Male Chained Selections and Female Chained Selections. Wearable items and integrated chaining system to add to your roleplay experience. Free cuffs and RLV blindfold/gags included.
Well organized and very easy to use menu. This is 100% XCite! compatible and will react with your Xcite parts both male and female. Male tilt angles have been preset so all poses line up where they should. Our texture changing system will provide nine wood combinations for you to customize the look and feel to match just about any room you use it in. Full RLV function to add to your experience. You don't have to use RLV if you don't wish to, the post will function just the same without it.

• Menu loaded with Intimacy that covers Bound, Fingering, Spanking, Paddling, Flogging, Dildo Play, Whipping, Blowjobs, Cunnilingus, Rough Sex, and Multiple Sequenced Sets. Something sure to enhance your roleplay experience.

• Full RLV Capture Menu. Choose a pose, use the RLV menu to search and capture your submissive. Your partner will be captured if RLV is active. The menu will be locked for your partner and they will not be able to access this until you have unlocked the menu via RLV sub-menu. Your partner will be unable to stand or teleport while locked/captured. Many features for you to explore and discover.

Come and visit our store in world to see a demo and see all the wonderful designs we have to offer."

Ok my turn to say few words now ;)

J.L. Designs XCITE RLV - BDSM Post is really high quality product by all standards and aspects, but two things really caught my eye. First is classic timeless BDSM design. With all modern looking items on market now, its really good to have something on market with tradition, classic look, something that will make that cold dungeon/basement walls look even better. New J.L. Designs XCITE RLV - BDSM Post will be decoration for any dungeon, with high usage functionality. Build in texture changer will make it blend perfectly, and its equally suitable for goreans players, goth or modern. Any bondage/BDSM fan will love this new product.

Second thing that i like to emphasize and what makes this new fine J.L. Designs XCITE RLV - BDSM Post product different from others is separate female chain and male chain menu. Ideal for public sims, and will make any dom, regardless to gender of him/her and sub happy. And there is additional single bondage menu. Add to that build in RLV function and you have perfect bondage post for all.

Naturally all the animations used in this fine new product are high in quality, duration and frames per second long, so all is perfect regarding to that. Also on test for this review new J.L. Designs XCITE RLV - BDSM Post did preformed flawlessly, animations where smooth in transition, well aligned, RLV was working perfect and all items where rezzing in right places in right time. I was not able to find any downside to it.

With all that said, i do recommend this well made new J.L. Designs XCITE RLV - BDSM Post and other fine J.L. Designs products to all my readers, and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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