.:WSS:. Bisexual sexbed - alu

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Tarma Frakture

- WSS Weird Sex Stuff

Judging by your feed back, my dear readers, all reviews that i did made so far about WSS Weird Sex Stuff Furniture are well accepted and read, and you did send me many requests to do some bed from that fine store. Since i'm always trying to for fill any demand that i can, today i bring you .:WSS:. Bisexual sexbed - alu. So lets start with review :)

Technical details and description from creator, Tarma Frakture:

".: Weird Sex Stuff :.

Bisexual Sex Bed

Bed alone : 18 prims
Bed + all furnitures included : 36 prims

271 menus items
Customs and exclusives animations By WSS.
Almost all animations are 30 Sec / 900 Frames

- Sexy dances
- Cuddles
- Massages
- Oral (BJ, cuni, breasts feed)
- Couple sex (on bed, sit, up)
- ThreeSome : FFM - MMF - MMM - FFF with intelligent swap
- Look at
- Lesbian
- Gay
- Solo

• All you can see on the picture is included (flowers, carpets, ...)
• You Can Change Color of Bed & cushions
• Facial Expressions on all poses
• Rezz objects and give toys (sex toys, clothes, marks & scars, food & drink) to all/group/owner by touching the flower pot at the right of the head of the bed
• Auto rezzed arch in BDSM poses with chains (cuffs available from the rezzer)
• Easy operation and pose adjustments.
• Owner may set to use by owner only/group/all
• Modify permissions (the bed appears as no mod but it's due to its content. The build has modify permission).

Please, visit our main shop to see and test our animations."

First that you will notice when you ope the purchase box from .:WSS:. Bisexual sexbed - alu, that is much more in side then just bed. Purchase box contains all that you see in top picture; .:WSS:. Bisexual sexbed - alu, .:WSS:. Bisexual sexbed - alu carpet, .:WSS:. Bisexual sexbed - alu plant in copy and .:WSS:. Bisexual sexbed - alu lanp in no copy permission.

Bed is very versatile, and contains all from foreplay, "regular" sex for bisexual couples and groups, BDSM, but it also includes gay/lesbian couple and group menu. With all that and copy permission i do see this fine bed ideal for people that rent furnished homes, open to public sex sims and similar places because it will give what they need to any user possible.

Its modern in design but in same time classical, so there is almost no building style or indoor place where this fine .:WSS:. Bisexual sexbed - alu with 18 prims land impact wont fit, and with build in texture changer blending it with surrounding will be even more easier.

Main menu is made in MLPV2.4z7 system, easy to use and logical, divided on following sub menus: fun, sex, BDSM, 3some, gay-lesbian and options button.

All animations are high in quality and long in duration and on the test for this review .:WSS:. Bisexual sexbed - alu performed flawlessly. All animations where smooth in transition and well aligned. All items where rezzing right and on time with any problems. I was not able to find any downside to this fine product.

With all that said, i do recommend .:WSS:. Bisexual sexbed - alu and other fine WSS Weird Sex Stuff products to all my readers, and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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