N4RS Wrangler Collection - MF - NL

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: alecat Breda

- N4RS Animated Sex Furniture and Decor

Many request from you, my dear readers, for more N4RS Animated Sex Furniture and Decor was send to me in last couple weeks. You are asking for N4RS Wrangler Collection - MF, and since im always trying to meet your needs with help from alecat Breda who was kind enough to send me the furniture here its, new N4RS Wrangler Collection - MF in NATURAL LEATHER.

Technical details and description from creator, alecat Breda:

"*** NATURAL LEATHER - Hetero Version***

The N4RS Wrangler Collection is a unique 100% Original Mesh Creation, designed to enhance any home or club in Second Life.

The Collection Consists of:

- A Single Sit Fauteuil with 6 Male and 3 Female sits - Land Impact 3

- A Two Seater Sofa with 4 Male and 4 Female sits - and 50 HQ Cuddle and Sex Animations - Land Impact 4

- A BDSM (option on/off) with 99 Exclusive HQ Animations. (these have to be tried in-world!) - Land Impact 3

- A Decorative Coffee Table - Land Impact 2

- Gives Sets of Cuffs
- RLV Enabled
- Rez Chains


- Right click and select sit.
- sub sits first and wears cuffs.
- Touch table for menu

Many, many, god knows how many, many hours have been invested in ensuring design quality, creating and licensing appropriate high-quality animations and integrating, co-creating & customizing the latest technology.

Using the new technology may be a slight different process or experience. Soon you will discover it's intuitive nature and ease of use.  As with any software, the journey of experiencing it's capabilities is part of the fun.

The first, most noticeable difference you will experience is that there are "NO MORE POSE BALLS"  required to animate your avatar. We have also done away with the annoying "confirm permission to animate" popup.

-- Where to sit: --

Just right click and sit - the furniture will do the rest.    Sub / Bottom / Ladies sit first...    that will make ensure minimal use of the SWAP buttons will need to be used.

-- Quick Adjust --

If your avatar sizes differ too much from the ones used to set the pose positions you can use the "Offset" Feature in the Utilities Menu.  This will allow you to adjust the base position of your avatar in the X, Y and Z axis.  It will be stored in script memory and applied to each pose.

How to Adjust and Save poses:

Important to know:

Each pose has it's data stored in an individual notecard - the notecard name ends with the name of the pose you wish to adjust.   The notecards are not necessarily stored in the root prim of the N4RS item you are using

1. Select Utilities
2. Selet GetHud (a new popup will ask your permission to attach the N4RS
    Easy adjust hud to your screen - say Yes) - OWNER ONLY
3. Now find the pose you wish to change
4. Select Adjust Pose on your N4RS Easy Adjust Hud
5. Adjust your positions in edit mode
6. Move the adjusters up into position.
   In local chat you will be given the new position lines.
7. Copy the chat in local and replace the contents of the
   notecard line with this chat and save the notecard. (PosDump will give you all the
   notecard lines in main chat)   The position notecards (start with SET) are stored in the seat.
8. Click StopAdjust.
9. Click N4RS logo on the hud to detach it."

First what i would like to do is to admit to you my dear readers that discovery of N4RS Animated Sex Furniture and Decor on personal level for me was extremely pleasant and im really positive impressed with they products.

New N4RS Wrangler Collection - MF - NL is high detailed low prim set that can be used indoors and outdoors, suitable for private SL homes same like for open to public clubs and sims. So extremely versatile and decorative all around set.

List of all items that you will find in purchase box is in creator part of review on top, and i will focus on 'N4RS Wrangler 2-Seater - MF - Natural Leather and N4RS Wrangler BDSM Bench - MF - Natural Leather that comes with sex menu.

Bout are using no pose balls system, and bout are easy to use and logical. In N4RS Wrangler 2-Seater you will be find singles and couples menu buttons, By pressing on couples additional sub menu will open with cuddle and sex sub menus. On N4RS Wrangler BDSM Bench options will be BDSM, duo, give cuffs, RLV and utilities menu buttons. So as you can see options and ways to use this fine new set are plenty and there is something for all in side.

Beside unquestionable high quality animations used in this new fine set and flawless performance on test for this review i really wanna emphasize the level of quality that whole set has. Its really well above average, with extremely detailed and realistic features. I will dare to say one of the finest furniture that you can find out there.

With all that said i do recommend new N4RS Wrangler Collection - MF - NL and other fine N4RS Animated Sex Furniture and Decor products to all my readers and you can find it on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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