AnimAlive HotBath Love Experience

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Iren Tinkel

- AnimAlive Store

From your requests, my dear readers, i can say that many of you are tired of winter lol. So here is something to warm you up, AnimAlive HotBath Love Experience.

Technical details and description from creator, Iren Tinkel:

"Test new love experience with totally renewed steamy Hot Bath from AnimAlive. It is possible to use it in any landscape, season or day of time. Great choice of textures, options and animations - well... all is ready for your party! Just rezz it and start having fun!

Incredible but it is all in one bath:
- 59 positions for couples (Games/Cuddles/Reading/Kisses/Massage/Oral/Sex)
- 26 single animations
- ability for groups sits: 6 single together, 4 couples together, 3single+4couples together (max sits for 13 persons together)
- plays music on touch (looped romantic piano song)
- 23 HQ background pictures (change by menu)
- steam option on touch (3 styles)
- HQ textures and sculpts, low lag scripts
- only HQ AnimAlive animations in content
- all together is 19 prims (bath - 12 prims, screen - 3 prims, mesh plants - 2 prims each) + props max 11 prims + 2 poseballs when rezzed

Parts are not linked, so you can use them separately, plants are copy - rezz them so many as you want.
Menu is very easy to handle, possible to adjust positions for couples and single sits.
Use it alone or with your partner or with friends: stylish, classy and sometimes very hot it will let you enjoy in any company you prefer.


In your inventory it will be shown as multi-object because parts (bath, screen, plants) are not linked to give you opportunity to place and use them in the way you wish.
So all you need is just to rezz multi-object on the land you have permissions to rezz.

Just click on it to get access to textures menu. Choose from menu buttons and watch all 23 amazing textures.

They are copy/mod. So rezz them so many as you need, change prim count and textures on your own wish.

- hanging towel plays music (looped piano track). it will work for owner only. touch to turn it ON or OFF.
   NOTE: first minutes music can play with pauses - it is because of need to download music from content. after music will play seamlessly until you click again         on towel to stop it. Also you can hear it only when you are close enough. I think it is OK if you watch action in bath from close distance.
   You can also put in towel your own script that plays music - if you wish and can.
- steam button (red one on the side of bath) supports 3 steam options: light, middle, hard. just click on it to get steam. click again to change or turn OFF.

Just click water to get menu.

- "Romantic/Love/Passion/Sex" buttons will just play couples animations for you. Choose from sub menus and just jump on rezzed balls.

- "Massage" button will rezz working prop for you - planks with towel. you need to sit on rezzed towel together with your partner to get some massage.
   Just when you sit you get menu with options and animations. Choose buttons and sub menus to play with massages.
   Also you can play all massage sequenced scene using button "Scene".
   To get menu again if you closed it just click towel you sit on.
   You may adjust your positions clicking "Adjust" button from towel menu.
- "6Single" button will rezz for you 6 single sits pillows. there is choice from 23 animations on every of them. you and 5 your friends can sits together in bath using "6Single" button and every of you can have own sit. Just when you sit - you get menu. To get menu again if you closed it just click pillow you sit on.
  You may adjust your positions clicking "Adjust" button from pillow menu.
- "4Couples" button will rezz for you 4 pillows that 4 couples can use. each contents only one couple animation.
   Use "Swap" button if you got wrong sit.
   To get menu again if you closed it just click pillow you sit on.
   You may adjust your positions clicking "Adjust" button from pillow menu.
- "3Single+4Couples" button will rezz for you 7 pillows that 4 couples and 3 single persons can use. Blue pillows offer choice from 23 animations, white - just         one.
   Use "Swap" button if you got wrong sit on white pillow.
   To get menu again if you closed it just click pillow you sit on.
   You may adjust your positions clicking "Adjust" button from pillow menu.
   If you don't understand something and even local chat hints don't help you to understand menu - feel free to IM me, Iren Tinkel, with your questions.

1) Height option  saves positions for both avatars and for all poses.

2) The best difference between avatars is 10% - so if girl is 190, then guy should be 190x1.1 - then avatars will fit one another most perfectly.

***This set is totally updated with scripts and animations comparing with previous version, some new options are also added."

With such detailed description from creator there is not much left for me to say but i would still like to emphasize few things.

AnimAlive HotBath Love Experience can be used indoors and outdoors. It does not matter do you just wanna create warm and sunny corner in your SL home/club or make your beach more comfortable place to be, AnimAlive HotBath Love Experience will do more then fine.

All animations used in this fine AnimAlive HotBath Love Experience are high in quality and long in duration, put together in this exclusive product to provide you with unique visual stimulation for your sensual and sexual RP moments.

On test for this review AnimAlive HotBath Love Experience did perform flawlessly, animations where smooth in transition and well aligned and i was not able to find any downside to it.

With that said i do recommend AnimAlive HotBath Love Experience and other fine AnimAlive Store products to all my readers and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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