Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

Your requests, my dear readers, about quality toilets, prim low and fair priced, keep coming to me and, as always, i'm glad for all your feed back. Its always good to help with advice to people that are looking for high detailed homes that will look as much as the one we have in RL, or just pervs that like kinky sex ;) So as you did requested, today for you [AA] SEX TOILET 2 COPIABLE.

Technical details and description from creator, Alina Graf:

"Complete Sex Toilet for urban RPG and for water sport fun.
In a single product you have a clean toilet to place in your home bathroom to play with your partner or a dirty one to put in a urban sex sim to have sex with strangers!
It is texture changer clicking the base. I has flush sound clicking the chain (tank version).

2 toilet models in the box: with and without tank. 8 prims and 4 prims. Flush sound clicking the chain.
Texture changer clicking the base:
• White
• Black
• White and wood
• Dirty

• 119 animations
• 78 couple poses for FM and FF
• Pee sounds for male or female

• Toilet is Copy, Mod
• Animations are Copy
• Script are Copy

All animations are made by myself, Alina Graf"

In the purchase box you will get 2 versions, 4 and 8 prims land impact, with and with out water tank. Bout of them are copy, texture changer, same menu but a nice touch to save prims or to choose the one you like better.

Texture changer will do magic for you in this case, and turn toilet to fit in marble villa bathroom or in to urban slum, bus station or dirty dark bar. So what we have here in [AA] SEX TOILET 2 COPIABLE is high versatile and top quality product.

Mani menu is easy to use and logical, divided on fm and ff buttons. Clicking on fm button will give you following buttons: fm tease, fm oral, fm sex1, fm sex2, fm pee. Clicking on ff will give you following buttons: ff tease, ff oral, ff strap, ff pee.
Plenty to use and choose from :)

Now animations, beside unquestionable impeccable design, are true treasure in this fine product, [AA] SEX TOILET 2 COPIABLE. Hand made by Alina Graf, in top quality, with long tradition of duration long and frames per second rich self made animations. Like i did said many times before, with Alina's products you just cant go wrong.

I highly recommending this quality [AA] SEX TOILET 2 COPIABLE and other fine Alina Animations product to all of you, my dear readers, and you can find them in SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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