The Phoenix Collection, Throne of the Storm King V2

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kessryll Stormcrow & Stacy Mosely

- The Phoenix Collection Store

I love when i can tell stories to my readers, guess it makes me fell like Willie Nelson or Johnny Cash lol. But any way, let me dress up in black and start; Way back, like really way back when yours truly was one of the noobs, i wanna to learn how to use Open Collar. Hell, guess my sub at the dime didn't wanna or didn't know how to teach me, so i did ask Stacy Mosely for help and to put commands for me on note card. Not just because i didn't know how to use collar, but because i didn't know how to make note card to lol. She sure did good job and help me out, and you should see what i can do with that collar now ;)

Any way, thats the story and thats how long we go back. Kinda lost track of each other true 4 years, been on friend list but never really talked much, and i was pleasantly surprised when one of my blog readers make request and ask that i do review of The Phoenix Collection, Throne of the Storm King V2 when i did open the link for it on SL market place and saw that is made from Kessryll Stormcrow. I know him to, still have one of his old alters rezzed in my castle chapel, but i didn't see him and Stacy since BelleJour Shinn birth day, and my readers know her well to, maybe two years ago. Kess did sing for her and did have great concert. So i did open my friends list, saw Stacy Mosely on line, and guess what, here is requested throne review for all of you my dear readers. So lets get the show on the road and start with review ;)

Technical details and description from creators, Kessryll Stormcrow & Stacy Mosely:

"By popular demand we at the Phoenix Collection bring you the Throne of the Storm King. As always, the Phoenix Collection has combined elegance and taste to the naughtiest of endeavors.
The animations used in our products are from Sylvas animations and are by far the best looking most realistic animations found anywhere in second life. We have spent thousands upon thousands of linden to bring you the finest animations. This set will enhance your play time and look fabulous in any dungeon or play room.

Our staff will reply in a timely manner to any and all issues you may encounter. Though we have painstakingly adjusted and tested every single pose and tested to ensure that all the scripts and restraints are working properly, SL sometimes does odd things and they may need our attention. Feel free to IM Kessryll Stormcrow or Stacy Mosely with any issues. WE WILL SEE YOU SATISFIED! Prim counts were kept as low as possible while still providing the necessary detail. The throne is 28 prims at 18 land impact.

There are 91 highly detailed, quality poses in this throne which cost a minimum of 1500 linden per pose from the creator so you can see you are getting the best possible quality and an extremely low cost..

Since this is first  presentation of The Phoenix Collection Store and I did give my self liberty to make intro longer then usual, I will not talk about technical details to much. You can check them in the store, Kess is good for his word, and product is great. What I wanna emphasize is that this, The Phoenix Collection, Throne of the Storm King V2 took a long time to get in form and shape that he has now and the same is with menu. Made by "old" SL player Master and sub, combining best from both world inside. Not by accident or luck, but by choice and hard work.

So give this new, i will dare to say "reopened" store a fair chance.  Be sure to tp in and take look on what they have in there. Its much more then BDSM stuff, plenty of "vanilla" there to plus you will find all that you need to decorate your space and original lithographic art, only of its kind in sl, at very reasonable prices.

Yes, I do recommend this new The Phoenix Collection, Throne of the Storm King V2 and other fine products from The Phoenix Collection Store and you can find them in SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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