[AF] Hot Delivery Sleigh - Gifts

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sin Mikado

- Abandoned Freight Main Store

Christmas is coming, and we all are preparing for the season. Sin Mikado, owner and creator of Abandoned Freight Main Store releasing first two items from his Xmas series, [AF] Hot Delivery Sleigh - Gifts & [AF] Hot Delivery Sleigh - Keg.

Technical details and description from creator, Sin Mikado:

"Abandoned Freight's

Hot Delivery Sleigh - Santa's Sleigh

Santa's hiring some additional help as he cant be everywhere at all times, But when its cold, we all want to slack off and warm up ;) Make use of Santa's Sleigh in a much more favorable way...

Main Features:

-Low 7 LI Mesh (9LI for Keg Version)

-175 High Quality Animations

-3 Auto play sequences

-Single,Cuddle,Intimate, Erotic In or Outside

-6 Looped SFX - 1 Bells 5 Adult

Like our product? We appreciate honest feedback. If any issues do contact Sin Mikado first so I may assist you.

Abandoned Freight offers a variety of Adult furniture and other goods. Specializing unique themed products for both Home Public and Dungeon play no matter the sim's theme at a Low Cost while still keeping Quality at mind! Come Visit our inworld store and hangout, Abandoned for Events, Special Sales and Promos for group members."

Low in prims, just 7 or 9 land impact, but detailed and rich in design this two [AF] Hot Delivery Sleigh are ideal decoration for any SL yard or sim. And you will be getting them bout in purchase box.

Menu is easy to use and logical, divided on following sub menus: sync, sounds, prelude, warmup, hot ride, swap and options button.

So all that you need for quality season RP is there, animations are frame high, and on test for this review bout [AF] Hot Delivery Sleigh - Gifts and [AF] Hot Delivery Sleigh - Keg did work fine and with out any glitches.

I wanna add this is the fine opening for season and i'm really looking forward to see what Sin Mikado prepared for us next ;)

With my recommendation you can find this fine products [AF] Hot Delivery Sleigh - Gifts & Keg on Sl market place or in world store on links under the text:



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