Bitchy Dance Cage v.3. Mesh

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: BelleJour Shinn

- Belle's Breath of Lust Design

This might sound to bombastic, and im usually careful with big words but i have to use them now; Best dance cage in price range under 1000 L$ for copy/mod, one of Best custom hand made animations for single or two girls at same time, and with out any doubt prim lightest one on market with amazing design. Ok now i said it so we can start the review ;)

Technical details and description from creator, BelleJour Shinn:

"*Belle's BoLD* Bitchy Dance Cage v.3 Mesh

!! First: English is not my first Languarge, i hope this Readme is good to understand!

!!Copy Version Only !!

The Cage without Steel Rod use 2 prim Land Impact Mesh, with SteelRod 3 prim Landimpact Mesh.
The Cage Rezz Props by different Animations the Land impact is:
Props Flashlight version:

Pole: 2 prim count
Flashlight: 1 prim count
Champagne Bottle: 2 prim count

Props NO Flashlight version:
Pole: 1 prim count
Champagne Bottle: 2 prim count

This Box Contains:
*Bitchy Dance Cage v.3. Mesh flashlight BOXEd
( Bitchy Dance Cage v.3.0 flashlight" -> "v.3.5 flashlight)

*Bitchy Dance Cage v.3. Mesh BOXEd
( Bitchy Dance Cage v.3.0" -> "v.3.5")

*Bitchy Dance Cage v.3. Mesh flashlight Security BOXEd
( Bitchy Dance Cage v.3.0 flashlight Security" -> "v.3.5 flashlight Security)

*Bitchy Dance Cage v.3. Mesh Security BOXEd
( Bitchy Dance Cage v.3.0 Security" -> "v.3.5 Security)

* Belle's BoLD*DancepadTex 1 - 4
* LM to my shop
* This Read Me

Animation Menu:
* 4 Bottlefun Animations
* 2 FF dance ( 1 for sync start)
* 13 Solo Dances ( Sequence On/Off)
* 2 pole dances
* Adjust Menu for Avatars

*Low Lag AVsitter v1.29 Scripts!

About the Bitchy Dance Cage v.3:

The Cage Dancer is Mody and Copy, but the Scripts and Animation are no-Mody, so the Box looks NO MOD, when you the Cage Click to EDIT, check " EDIT LINKED PARTS" - TAB = General, and click again a part than is it Mody .

The different between the "Bitchy Dance Cage v.3" and the "Bitchy Dance Cage v.3 Security BOX" is, that the owner can change the security level. Security cycles between ALL, GROUP ONLY, and OWNER ONLY. Avatars who do not meet the security level will be able to sit, but not access the menu.

Different between "Bitchy Dance Cage v.3.0 (flashlight)" to "v3.5( flashlight)" is only the Steel Rod, this is for different room lights, you can the Steel Rod UNLINK ( EDIT LINKED PARTS -> tab Object = UNLINK)

The cage Dancer with "flashlight" have a red flashlight on bottom, this do rezz when a avatar the Cage use.

The "Dance Pad Textures":
i use no texture changer about the bad lag with scripts, but i know a item is more fun when you have different Textures, so I have this 4 Textures in the box do ;)

HowTo: Click EDIT the cage, check: Select Face, click the dancepad face and drop a texture on it, ready!

In this Version i have Only 1 FF Dance and only 2 Pole dances, more i have not ready build at this moment, but i send a update when I have more Dances ready build .

All Animations/Textures/Mesh Handmade by BelleJour Shinn

*!! PLEASE, Try Animation Inworld before you buy, the Table is on my Sex Sim and Shops!

I wish you many fun with My Cage Dancer ;)

If you have a question or problem with my Items, than please send me a notecard with your Name, Product-Name, Sell-Date and/or full transaction history from sale and what happened with the item. This will help me to help you better and faster.

Thank you and enjoy,
BelleJour Shinn
*Belle's B.o.L.D.*
Belle's Breath of Lust Design and Belle's Back-Door Shop"

What can i say, BelleJour Shinn is definitely back and showing us what magic she can do with animations and blender. 100% mesh, in just 2 prim land impact or 3 if you use version with steel rod hanger for such detailed cage is amazing.

You can color it, change bottom, rod lengths, do what ever comes to your mind with it, if you don't know how plenty of different versions, all in same low prim are already in purchase box. So let me put it this way; if you are strip club owner, or like girls dancing this new updated Bitchy Dance Cage v.3. Mesh is necessity for your place.

Animations are hand made, custom ones, pushing the duration limits and frames per second to maximum, all smooth in transition and aligned perfectly for medium sized avatars. You just cant go wrong with this new Bitchy Dance Cage v.3. Mesh.

With all this said i do recommend this new Bitchy Dance Cage v.3. Mesh and other fine Belle's Breath of Lust Design products to all my readers, and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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