[VURDA] Massage table set "Ana"

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: DevanaDrina


Ok, my dear readers, it will be fair from me to give you heads up from the start; this will be serious review about serious product, new [VURDA] Massage table set "Ana"

Product that by all means raises DevanaDrina from "anonymity" of just being adult furniture maker and puts her shoulder to shoulder with leading adult furniture makers in SL. I will do my best to show you how well made this new fine product is, how many options and details its containing, and how really affordable it is for all that its offering to us.

On first glance, new [VURDA] Massage table set "Ana" looks like well made massage table. By all means good start, because we all know that we dont have that many well made adult massage tables in SL. But thats where story just beginning.

New [VURDA] Massage table set "Ana" can be just what you see, massage table that will save you prims and allow you to have great sensual and sexual moments. But if you wanna give this fine product more prims and "freedom", it will rezz for you shelfs, one or two, decorate them with towels, candles ect. And thats not all; it will rezz fully functional antique radio. Deed it to your land and it will play what you like. My personal favorite option is screen that this new [VURDA] Massage table set "Ana" can rezz.

With screen, and with right texture of the screen, new [VURDA] Massage table set "Ana" will create nice private area in side or out side. With rattan texture it will fit perfectly to any beach. So there is no limitation for use of this new fine product indoors or outdoors.

After this unusually long intro its time to give creator, DevanaDrina, some space for her to give us technical details and description:

"Just close your eyes and dive into relaxing fragrance of scented oils, let soft and slow touch make all that stress go away while listening romantic music from an old Victorian gramophone.

Dive into intimate pleasures with your lover, or fulfill that massage salon fantasy you always wanted.

Technical details:

[VURDA] Massage table set "Ana" with inbuilt rezzers and texture changers will give you absolute control over prim count and design.

It is up to you to decide what you want to have rezzed as part of your set.

All texture changers and rezzers are set up by default to OWNER only mode, which makes it usable for private use as well as public places.


With texture changer inbuilt in the table, you will get access to changing textures of the Base (4 textures), Mattress (4 textures) and Towel (4 textures) separately.

Combine the different textures on separate parts of the table to achieve your personal aesthetic satisfaction.


Additional décor - Privacy Screen and 2 Shelves - is available by touching the rattan ball placed at the lower shelf of the table.

Touch the shelf to call out texture changer menu options. It is available under the button named “Themes”

With the choice offered you will be able to match shelf with exact texture you choose for the table’s base.


Each shelf level has its own menu options décor rezing.

Touch the shelf to call out rezzing menu options.

Towels, Spa Bottles and Oil burner have texture changer inbuilt each.

Touch desired deco to call out the texture changer menu.


Gramophone rezzing option is available only on the top level of shelf

Comes with 3 radio stations loaded, with 8 more slots to add our own favorites.


Privacy Screen comes with the texture options for Panels, Frame and Hinges separately.

To call out the texture changes menu, click the screen.

The menu will offer 2 styles: Fabric and Rattan


Table: 5LI
Shelf: 2LI
Screen: 5LI
Gramophone: 3LI
Towels: 2 LI
Spa Bottles: 2LI
Oil Burner: 3LI
Total land impact will depend of what you rezz.

All elements but Gramophone are coming with No Mod/Copy/Transfer permissions.

Gramophone holds Modify permissions in order to provide you an option for adding more radio stations.

Other elements of the Massage table and additional sets are mesh items that can not be properly re-textured without ambient oclusion maps, so there is no need for them to be modify.

Also, resizing of the object that hold animations and rezzing objects will cause displacement of positions of the elements, and that is another reason why it is important for the elements to be no modify.

As all elements are COPY, that will give you an opportunity to use them in other purposes than shown in here: just take them into your inventory and rezz them as the part of some other setup. Use privacy screen in the rattan style at the beach, or towels in your bathroom, spa bottles as a part of your vanity table decor … possibilities are endless.


Animations used in Massage Table “Ana” are orientated toward the adult users looking for sensuality and sexuality.

Menu is divided in two main parts: Massage and Sex.

Facial expressions are emphasizing the moments of enjoyment, even they can be turned off for those who are not fans of SL facials.

Facial expressions will only work on system avatars, it is Second Life setup and out of our hands.

Owners of mesh heads will have to match Facial AO with the action at the screen.

In “Female” menu women can choose between massage of the Breasts, Body and Back, with the discrete erotic moments that may lead to the next level. Her enjoyment is obvious even expressed trough slow and soft movements where possible.

Male menu will lead you trough two back massages, legs and neck massage, everything male needs to relax after a stressing day.
Everything? Maybe not. Start with the Kiss as opening to the next level, and take it from there trough the menu organized by actions.

Submenus will lead you trough the many ways of enjoying and satisfying each other through 38 sensual and passionate animations easy to find and easy to remember.

From Titjobs trough Orals and Handjobs to Fucks and Anal at the different parts of the table they guarantee great sexual experience."

So as i did said in intro, new [VURDA] Massage table set "Ana" is well made, impeccable build and perfectly rounded product where nothing is left to chance, furniture for true connoisseurs that will know how to appreciate and value so well made product that is priced just 925 L$.

I really wanna to emphasize here that affordable price is just DevanaDrina's wish to make her creations affordable to all SL users, and not caused by any lack of product in quality build or performance. Fell free to teleport in world store and try her fine creations for your self :)

Main menu for [VURDA] Massage table set "Ana" is made in no pose balls system, divided on following sub menus: themes, female, male, sex and adjust button. So as you can see plenty ways of enjoy and use this fine new product.

All animations used in this new fine product, [VURDA] Massage table set "Ana", are high in quality, duration long and frames per second rich, carefully chosen and put together in this new product to provide you with best visual stimulation for your sensual and sexual RP moments.

On test for this review new [VURDA] Massage table set "Ana" did function flawlessly, animations where smooth in transition, well aligned for average sized avatars and all was working good and i was not able to find any down side to it.

With my recommendation you can find this new [VURDA] Massage table set "Ana" and other fine VURDA products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

SL Market Place:


In World Store:


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