[Ds] Clover Pillory 1.1 [C/M/NT]

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Dictatorshop Resident

- Dictatorshop
 Dictator Shop

Continuing 2017. with high decorative just released [Ds] Clover Pillory 1.1 [C/M/NT], Dictatorshop is showing us, my dear readers, that she likes all holidays :)

Traditionally well made and fair priced, new [Ds] Clover Pillory 1.1 [C/M/NT] combines decoration, seasonal item with something that you can use all year around. Gender and sexual preference not discriminating, suitable for all in any combination, im sure that this new fine product will be favorite and well accepted from all of you. So lets start with review.

Technical details and description from creator, Dictatorshop Resident:

"This fun item gives a romantic touch to pillory play.  The [Ds] Clover Pillory 1.1 [C/M/NT] has four basic menus, Male/female, Female/male, Female/female and Male/male.

When using the Avsitter experience the cuffs and other accessories will auto-attach.

The [Ds] Clover Pillory 1.1 [C/M/NT] is fully RLV enabled allowing the dominant to capture the sub, restrict, strip and so on.  When a sub sits they are automatically captured for five minutes (this number can be adjusted in the configuration notecard).

The item is copy/no transfer."



Made in 7 or 9 prims land impact (depending on version and decorations) in 100% mesh, new fine [Ds] Clover Pillory 1.1 [C/M/NT] is well made details high seasonable item that you can use all year long, suitable for any gender and sexual preference, for any private SL home or open to public club. So in short, safe and smart buy for all.

Main menu is easy to use and logical, made in no-pose-balls system, divided on following sub menus: m/f, f/m, f/f, m/m and adjust button. So as you can see plenty ways to use and enjoy in this fine new product.

All animations used in the [Ds] Clover Pillory 1.1 [C/M/NT] are high quality, duration long and frame per second rich, chosen to provide you with good visual animated support for your sensual and sexual RP moments.

On testing for this review of the new [Ds] Clover Pillory 1.1 [C/M/NT] performed without any problems, animations where smooth in transition and well aligned. I was not able to find any downsides to this fine product.

With my recommendation you can find new [Ds] Clover Pillory 1.1 [C/M/NT] and other fine Dictatorshop Store products in world store on link under the text:

In World Store:


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