The Obedience Chair by Abiss

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Zev Titanium (animations) & Abiss (mesh)

- Abiss Interior

Some times we see creators leaving SL, but they work is still asked for. Many of you, my dear readers, did ask me where you can buy The Obedience Chair by Abiss and NFZ animations, since owner of NFZ left SL and close his store. Luckily, he did this one in cooperation with well known and famous Abiss Interior store, so now, you can find this fine The Obedience Chair by Abiss, that i did review few months back on my blog, in Abiss store.

So since we have that cleared, lets start with review.

Technical details and description from creator, Frasha Boa:

"Abiss Design and NFZ animations proudly present


The creators wish to appeal to your darker side, your sadistic side...

A hulking, brooding man sits panting in his chair, sweat glistens on his muscular body as he surveys the damage he's done. A raven haired beauty lies curled in a ball at his feet, sobbing, her body bruised and bloody. Trembling , weak. He roughly tosses a booted foot on her, causing her to cry out in pain...Delighted,
he smiles sipping his brandy and taking a long pull from his cigar.

This amazing RP chair has so many potentials, extreme BDSM, smooth animations, the ability to customize it with different textures and materials, all menu controlled with so many options.
If you are a SADIST, if your are a MASOCHIST, if you are the real deal...
This Chair Is a MUST have for your home, office or playroom. Unless..you can't handle it.

This exclusive 7 prim furniture piece contains several features make it stand out :
- 100% mesh design
- around 100 pose pairs with 350 exclusive, custom animations not available elsewhere
- InterClick* system for stunning animation experience
- 9 leather materials & 6 fabric materials
- different leg and stud finishes
- materials (SL engine) with high realism
- Share PoV - share point of View - one can act as "director" while other avatar can switch animations
- several carefully made props with high details

Available animation groups:
cuddles - 10 animation pairs
spanking - 9 animation pairs
grinding - 14 animation pairs
service - 12 animation pairs
sex - 20 animation pairs
sucking - 9 animation pairs
training - 12 animation pairs

If your computer can handle ultra settings, we highly recommend you to take a close look at materials in action.

InterClick* - a new system developed by NFZ animations - you select a pose you wish. Animations go into sync and flow as they are. However, if one avatar clicks on ground during selected animation, another, layered animation starts to play instantly with smooth transition. ( an example: sub sits in masters lap. master gently holds her. On click master spanks the sub, and previous holding animation continues to play without any gap, smoothly)

Texture control is located under utilities section, accessible by owner only. So is the general adjustment options."

Rough, raw and primal, that's the shortest way to describe this style of animations. That does not mean that they are not sophisticated, far from it, but when you using his furniture, it will be hot and nasty with guarantee ;)

Now lets focus on The Obedience Chair by NFZ & Abiss; made in just 7 prims land impact, in 100% pure mesh, with 15 different textures to choose from, its highly customizable item with great decoration and functional value at same time. Modern classic in design by all means.

Menu is easy to use and logical, made in no pose balls menu, divided on following sub menus; share PoV, sync, a sit &kneel, cuddle, grinding, service, sex, spank, sucking, train, utilities and swap button. So as you can see plenty ways to use and enjoy this fine product.

Be sure to check it in world store if you didn't so far, and whiteness first hand what The Obedience Chair by NFZ & Abiss can do.

Animations are high in quality, accompanied with sound, frames per second rich and duration long carefully chosen to provide you with great visual stimulation for your sensual and sexual RP moments.

Also on test for this review The Obedience Chair by NFZ & Abiss did perform with out any problems, all animations where smooth in transition, well aligned and i was not able to find any down side to it.

With all that said, i do recommend new The Obedience Chair by NFZ & Abiss and other fine Abiss Interior products to all my readers, and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

SL Market Place:


In World Store:


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