DANIKA [dk] dkE2 engine beds in copy perm now!

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Dani Knelstrom

- Danimations Store

After listening to her customer requests, Dani Knelstrom, owner and creator of Danimations Store, decided to release her famous dkE2 engine bed series in copy perm now!

And thats where good news only beginning, my dear readers. First of all, all of you that have her dkE2 engine bed in transfer permission, you can replace it for free for copy one. All you have to do is contact Dani Knelstrom and arrange all details with her. Second of all, all transfer dkE2 engine beds are discounted 50% in her store now, so if you dont wanna go copy and still wanna have her fine dkE2 engine bed, that you didnt buy so far for any of reasons, here is your opportunity to get it in half price :)

Aldo dkE2 engine bed are on market for some time now, they performance, intuitive and smooth handling together with great animations and design does not show any age.

So, just to remind you all what dkE2 engine bed can do ill release information and details for DANIKA [dk] .:*Ultimate Hentai Bed*:.

Technical details and description from creator, Dani Knelstrom:

"Our new [dkE2] Aphrodite™ Engine is result of nearly a year of planning and development work to create one of the most exciting but functional bed engines in SL, loaded with some unique features and abilities


• All beds using this engine are 100% mesh

• Modified XPOSE4 Engine Base

• MODULAR Design- engine can be easily UPDATED with 'service packs' for future versions

• 730 Total Animations, crafted by 17 of the finest animators working in SL today- NO free or 'cheap' animations are used.

• 65 Total Menus

• 308 Couple Pose Pairs

• 5 Menus of SOLO avatar uses, from casual to 'erotic alone'

• 7 Menus of GROUP 3some and 4some sex

• Literally HOURS of scenes and sequences for solo, couples, groups

• Some multi-speed animations on boy/girl and girl/girl sex menus



Sweet function for couples!- Set the length of sleep in hours and your avatars will be waked by a alarm clock and a full sequence of sleeping and 'waking up together' animation (up to 8 hours sleep time)


Let your avatar guide thrue a daily exercise routine!  20 min multiple animation sequences guide you thrue your choice of Yoga, Flexibility, or Strength building exercise routines-  Do all three for a ONE HOUR daily work out routine!


Very long sequences for VERY BAD GIRLS.  One girl with UP TO FOUR guys performing a very messy 'bukkake' on her, that include a scripted 'cum puddle' that keeps expanding as the guys keep cumming-  then starts to shrink and disappear when she starts licking it up at the end! (all animated!)


Owner-only edit/save ability from all submenus saves HOURS of time when editing the pose positions- personalizing 730 animations for your own avatar is a lot of work.  This innovative feature saves you loads of time.


• ANAL SEX: This engine has the biggest selection of anal sex menus of any bed engine in SL. From anal licking to anal penetration, it is the perfect engine for people who like 'backdoor' play.

• GROUP SEX: Most bed engines do 3somes: THIS engine has extensive 4SOMES capability in FFMM and FMMM forms.

• GOOFY STUFF: Danika/Danimations furnitures have always been famous for including 'silly fun' stuff in with the hot sex poses (like the classic 'jumping on the bed'). That is expanded in this new engine to include things like Hopscoth, Patty-a-Cake, Twerking, and more.

• PLANNED UPDATE SCHEDULE:  Free updates will expand and improve the engine over time to keep your bed 'top of the line'.  The modular layout allows easy installation of update 'service packs' with planned release schedule of every 3 to 6 months."

With 12 prims land impact in 100% mesh this new DANIKA [dk] .:*Ultimate Hentai Bed*:. will amaze you not only with his original and unseen quality look, but also with performances.

Main menu and menu options are great and there is many of them, but menu is still extremely logical and easy to use, divided on following sub menus: be casual, snuggles, touchy feely, sluuurp, penetration, goo girl, kinky stuff, group fun, girlz love and option button. So as you can see plenty for all in side it ;)

Animations used in this fine DANIKA [dk] .:*Ultimate Hentai Bed*:. are high quality, frames per second rich and duration long, carefully chosen and put together to provide you with awesome visual animated stimulation for your sensual and sexual RP scenario. You will notice when you rezz the bed for first time that it will take almost 10 min to fully load menu, but that's only showing how many choices and options in quality animations you will have in side. And after that its pleasure and fun only ;)

On test for this review DANIKA [dk] .:*Ultimate Hentai Bed*:. did performed flawlessly, all animations where smooth in transition, well aligned and all items where rezzing in right time and right place. I was not able to find any down side to it.

I can really recommend this new DANIKA [dk] .:*Ultimate Hentai Bed*:. as safe and smart purchase, that will be updated and provide you with long time of security and pleasure in use. Lets not forget that Danimations Store has long tradition of impeccable customer service and high quality products that are keeping them on market for many years now. Available only in world store at the moment you can find and try this new fine product on link under the text:

In World Store:


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