Three Years Blog Anniversary

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

On August 21. 2013. i did open my blog and release my first furniture review for you my dear readers. Three years later, i have steady blog with daily visit of at least 350 people. I never thought it will be so big and i wanna thank you all for making my blog grow and loving it so much.

Reason for me writing this is simple, each day im meeting new people that contacting me, because they seen my blog, saying thank you for doing it, for guiding us to good furniture with good prices, giving advices what to buy and all that. Im extremely grateful for all that contacts, but in same time i need to thank them and all you for reading it. Reading my writing from some one that never did learn English language in any school and that was just between rock and hard spot three years back when i started the blog.

So back in 2013, i did have my castle, traffic on land was good and many of furniture creators did donate furniture for it. Owner, of today not existing Black Sheet sim and magazine approach me, and ask will i be making furniture articles for her magazine. Naturally i did say no way. I dont know how to write English right and all that. But she was persistent, saying that she will give me person that will revise my texts and all that and after twisting my arm for couple days i said yes.

My articles where instant hit, people demanding more and more, so i was making 3 of them per week for web magazine version. Furniture creators, that i didnt know from before, where leaving furniture by me to review and asking when they will be presented. Naturally reason for that was visit counter on Black Sheet net magazine. Same like i have on my blog. Because no one wanna be publish on some blog that have 5 people reading it per day. Things where going good for me. Until August 21. 2013.

I log in that day about 3 am slt, and i have my inbox full of messages from all people that where connected in any way with Black Sheet magazine and sim. Owner of magazine did close her account, close the sim, and just vanished from SL. And i was stuck with more then 30 K L$ worth of furniture in my castle yard and promise to creators that all those will be published on web. And i do consider my word my personal bond. Articles where written, but where to publish them now?

I did tell all to my SL friends, and my dear BelleJour Shinn, co-owner of Libido sim with Alina Graf told me to open my own blog. Heck, she might said open your own neurosurgery clinic. That much knowledge i did have about bloging, opening blog and all that. But till the afternoon that August 21. 2013. i did have open blog and kiosks for it on 10 high traffic SL sim and readings of 160 people on first day.

The rest you know. It all did start like avalanche, but its sill rolling and growing strong. So i would like to use this opportunity, to thank you all, my dear friends furniture creators and animators, my dear friends readers, and all of you who i never did meet and talk to, for reading and visiting my blog.

Please, dont be shy to contact me with your requests, ideas, or and above all suggestions for furniture and creators that you wanna read about. Same like my magazine, ~SL~ Connoisseur Magazine, ~SL~ Adult Furniture and Equipment Blog are publications that exist because they readers and are 100% readers orientated.

Thank you all again, and until new blog tomorrow, enjoy your Sunday.


Blog and Magazine publisher & Owner

Edvard Taurion

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