[DS] Rustic Horseshoe Pillory Set with RLV 1.1 [C/M/NT]

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Dictatorshop Resident

- Dictatorshop
 Dictator Shop

She might be having dangerous name in SL and i might be "ruining" her reputation now, but Dictatorshop Resident is really sweetheart, person that work hard to provide her customer with best in adult D/S furniture, to satisfy all they wishes and be innovative and different each time. Not easy task, but she seems to handle it well.

Pillories are "common" dungeon items, but with little imagination and a lot skill in Maya Dictatorshop Resident  successfully redesigned the pillory that we all use to see on D/S sims and private dungeons. Naturally keeping all the features and performances of the pillories that we all know and enjoy  in her new [DS] Rustic Horseshoe Pillory Set with RLV 1.1 [C/M/NT].

Technical details and description from creator, Dictatorshop Resident:

"This new item is a set of two pillories. One for female dominant with male submissive and one for male dominant with female submissive.

Each trap is fully RLV enabled allowing you to capture and restrict as well as use any of the eight adult poses in each.

This unusual rustic wood design will fit into many environments and is suited to indoor or outdoor use as you like.

It uses AvSitter so no pose balls, just sit. Item gives cuffs, spanker and dildo as needed. It is also simple to adjust and savings.

6 Land Impact each. 12 for both traps together.

The Rustic Horseshoe Pillory Set comes with two separate traps.
One for a Femdom with male sub and one for a Maledom with female sub.  

The traps are set up to ask Dom or Sub when you sit.  If  you find the challenge unnecessary simply remove the "select" script from the item.  Without it, the first sitter will always be the submissive.  There is no challenge if the sub is captured through the menu, it is only when someone sits that the dialog comes up.  This helps prevent dominants from finding themselves bent over unceremoniously!

To grab a sub, make sure they are near the toy then click the toy it will pause a moment to search and if the sub is wearing a relay it will give you a list of buttons so you can select who to capture.  A free copy/transfer RLV Relay is included in the box.  Open collar relays work too.   Be sure the sub has only one relay on, more than one can cause issues.

As soon as the submissive is sitting on the pillory (or is captured) cuffs will rez to be worn and chains will appear. The cuffs will rez roughly where they need to be for use, but the sub must accept wearing them (then there will be chains).  If the AvSitter experience has been allowed then they will attach automatically without dialog boxes.  The same for the dildo and spanker given to the dominant.

You can alter the default RLV Settings in the AVpos card inside the item if you have a particular way you want the sub treated on capture.

It is possible to alter and save the poses as the system uses the very easy to use AvSitter scripts.

If you have any issues, questions or feedback contact me: Dictatorshop"

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Made in just 6 prims land impact in 100% mesh, new [DS] Rustic Horseshoe Pillory Set with RLV 1.1 gives new look to pillory play. Playful and innovative, it will be well accepted by BDSM lifestyles and D/S beginners. Suitable for any time period RP, for classical or modern dungeons.

Most of all, in purchase box you will find maledom and femdom version of it, plus relay, so there is no excuse for you to buy, use and enjoy in this new fine [DS] Rustic Horseshoe Pillory Set with RLV 1.1 ;)

Main menu is easy to use and logical, made in no pose balls system. I wont be describing it to long just look at the pictures. So as you can see plenty for all to enjoy in use of this fine new product.

All animations used in the [DS] Rustic Horseshoe Pillory Set with RLV 1.1 [C/M/NT] are high quality, duration long and frame per second rich, chosen to provide you with good visual animated support for your sensual and sexual RP moments.

On testing for this review of the new [DS] Rustic Horseshoe Pillory Set with RLV 1.1 [C/M/NT] performed without any problems,  animations where smooth in transition and well aligned. I was not able to find any downsides to this fine product.

With my recommendation you can find new [DS] Rustic Horseshoe Pillory Set with RLV 1.1 [C/M/NT] and other fine Dictatorshop Store products on SL market place and in world store on links under the text:

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