[RNP] Massage Table - Personal use engine

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: RohanaRaven Zerbino

- [RNP] Animations

Today i have real treat for you my dear readers. RohanaRaven Zerbino; sounds familiar? Not really? But what if i say that RohanaRaven Zerbino is Reason for countless numbers of orgasms that you have in SL for more then several years now!

Like we all know, not all furniture creators are "one man band" more then 50% of them making just mesh items and using someone else's animations for they engines. And its nothing wrong with that, but who are those animators? Those silent and hard working persons that make other people furniture alive and brining soul to they mesh builds? They are passionate and perfection striving animators like RohanaRaven Zerbino.

At the moment i will say biggest full perm animation store in SL [RNP] Animations, owned and created by RohanaRaven Zerbino, opening the door for you, final users and steeping out from the shadow of anonymity, and being some imaginary name that you will see only if you go in someone else's furniture and click edit content button.

When i asked RohanaRaven Zerbino why animations, adult and pg, why not something else like shoes, she told me "i was musician in RL, and high quality animation, and cuddling or sex for me is like musical act, fine symphony written and performed among two people". Talking about perfect answer ;)

Now fact is that she is not only good in answering my questions and making so pleasant conversation where two people that know what they talking about can have, but she is even better in making animations. Don't take my word for it. Just have look in countless other store products that using her creations for they menus.

Most important thing for today is, that RohanaRaven makes engines for final users now. So that means you my dear readers. Aldo i have to admit, it was never hard to by animation by her in first place, no note cards and forms that you need to fill up like in some other stores and prove that you are builder, just come and buy it no questions asked for copy or for transfer version the same, engines that she is making now are big step towards customizing your own items in the way you like them to be.

Let me give you example for that please; like by this new fine [RNP] Massage Table - Personal use engine that i will review for you today. You bought some ones house for you in SL. And all furniture matching just perfectly. But no adult or good PG menu... Bummer!!! Well not any more with new [RNP] Animations Personal Use Engines ;)

All you have to do now is to buy them and rez them. Do you wanna link them with other furniture, just rezz them on the ground, or how ever you wanna use them is left to your own personal preferences and needs. Awesome aint it? ;)

So lets finally start with the review.

Technical details and description from creator, RohanaRaven Zerbino:

"July 2016, Second Life
[RNP] Animations

--------------- Massage Table - Personal use engine ---------------

► 4 massage animations for him

► 3 massage animations for her

► 17 adult animations

* Please Note: Animations including two avatars (couples & sex) are counted as one animation

► menus: Female
Sex: Intro&Oral - Fucks I - Fucks II

► AVsitter animation system - AVSitter setup notecard with Modify permissions

► ready to use: only mesh deco enclosed. Massage table is NOT included

► link to any suitable object - details in [RNP] PU Engine - Instructions notecard

► facial expressions control: sit and click menu button [ADJUST] than [FACES] to turn on/off facial expressions

► engine visibility control: sit on it and click on “Visibility” menu button to visually remove the engine prim out of the way

► engine prims permissions: Modify/Copy

► content permissions: animations and scripts Copy only
AVSitter setup notecard Modify/Copy

► original system [RNP] avatar shapes enclosed

--------------- PERSONAL USE ENGINES GENERAL INFO -------------

Greetings and welcome to [RNP] Animations Personal Use Engines Shop (PUE Shop)!

During last year, we have had an increased number of request from end-line users who were visiting the [RNP] Full Perm shop looking for personal use sets.

Based on their wishes, we composed the most wanted engines in restricted perms form: Copy/Mod/No Transfer.

To be more precise: while the engine object itself is modifiable, the contents of the engines are mostly Copy only. That will still allow you to unlink engine from the Deco mesh and to link it to whatever you find suitable. Even to resize it, though we do not recommend that - as animation positions are related to the center of the prim, so you could get weird results.

If you are AvSitter skilled, you will be able to handle the content to adjust it to your own needs - AVSitter setup notecard has been left with Modify permissions for that purpose.

The animations come with Copy/No Modify permissions - there is no use of them to be modify, as animations cannot be modified inworld - the only thing that user can actually modify in animation is its name.

The Engines use the latest version of the AvSitter animation system with its all advantages:

- turn on/off facial expressions via menu ( Adjust/Faces)

- auto attach props Experience system by Code Violet - for a tutorial on how to enable AVsitter experience for auto attach props in Second Life be sure to check the brilliant YouTube video by Froukje Hoorenbeek: http://bit.ly/29sQLRM

- Visibility option that will visually remove the engine prim out of the way - just sit and click "Visibility" button from the menu.

Whatever mistake you make when modifying the engine, a fresh copy will be in your inventory, so feel free to experiment as much as you want with it.

If anything goes wrong with your inventory and you loose the engines, please ask MP redelivery by dropping the NC in the Mailbox at the shop entrance."

Made in just 3 prims land impact, new [RNP] Massage Table - Personal use engine is "soul" that you can install/add to any table that you like. It will go perfect beside swimming pool or where ever you like. Ideal for long summer days and hot summer nights ;)

In addition, if you wanna use exactly the same table like is seen on the promo pictures, you will find vendor with table (prop) next to massage table engine vendor.

There is one more thing that i just have to emphasize beside the fact that we dealing with top premium hand custom made animations, and that is price. By all means affordable, and totally low and disproportional with quality and amount of smoothness and perfection in use that you get in final product. No doubt, new [RNP] Massage Table - Personal use engine is safe and smart buy for all.

Main menu is logical and easy to use, made in AVsitter 2.1 no pose balls system, divided on following sub menus: visibility, female, male, sex and adjust button. So as you can see, plenty ways to enjoy in use of this new fine [RNP] Massage Table - Personal use engine.

All animations used in the [RNP] Massage Table - Personal use engine are high in quality and duration long, hand custom made, carefully chosen and put together to provide you with great visual animated stimulation for your sensual and sexual RP scenario.

On test for this review [RNP] Massage Table - Personal use engine did preformed flawlessly, all animations where smooth in transition and well aligned so I was not able to find any downside to this product.

With that said, i do recommend this [RNP] Massage Table - Personal use engine and other fine [RNP] Animations store products to all my readers and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

SL Market place:


In World Stores:

[RNP] Animations Full Perm Adult Center:


[RNP] Animations Personal Use Engines Shop:


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