Boudoir - Wearable Mistress/Master Throne

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Precious Restless

- Boudoir™

Top quality and ultra detailed products take time to be made. And im saying that because im getting so many requests from you, my dear readers to review and publish more products from Precious Restless, owner and creator of Boudoir™ Store.

She is awesome person, so sweet and easy to work with, but beside that she is skillful and perfectionist in making mesh products. Her taste in design, eyes for details and above all her ability to transform her ideas and imagination in blender and provide us with products of such flawlessness and impeccability in even smallest detail is amazing.

This new product that i review for you today, my dear readers is result of your requests that you did send to Precious Restless, and ask her for one throne that will have male and female subs together. And since she got "know how" and ear for her customers, here it is; just released Boudoir - Wearable Mistress/Master Throne.

Technical details and description from creator, Precious Restless:

Your legs hurt?
No place to sit?
Wear your own furniture!
Wearable Mistress/Master Throne should be worn as an attachment,wearing and touching it automatically starts an fabulous throne sit animation so you can relax after long day or take some amazing pictures!
Wearable Mistress Throne is not meant to be rezzed it is wearable item only!
Animation won't work if you rezz it and it has lots of prims so wear it and enjoy!
Throne contains 8 sit animations M/F , just touch throne to change it!
To adjust hover of your avatar please go in your Appearance mode than choose Hover Height to set it!
To adjust throne to your shape size,click on it and resize menu will pop up in your upper right corner of screen,resize as much you need and put throne in right position!
Everything is linked together(throne and subs if that is not clear on AD)"

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Boudoir - Wearable Mistress/Master Throne is product for true down to bone dominant persons. You can be bisexual, you can just be the one that likes to have all on chain and under your feet no matter of they gender or you just might like to enjoy in showing off; this is the perfect and one of the kind product for you.

Idea is simple and brilliant like on the previous thrones; you cant rez on other peoples sims. So what? Who cares? You can wear what you like any place ;)

Just wear those new high detailed Boudoir - Wearable Mistress/Master Throne and there it is. You are sitting in luxurious mistress/master chair, with so many details and with even 4 female and 3 male subs included. No need to worry about prims, land impact, and most of all don't stand or look like all else there.

Show your status, show your distinctive high class style and be different, be refine and be one that stands above the crowd.

This is just beginning; beside impeccable high detailed build and revolutionary idea, you also can choose between 8 different fully adjustable sitting positions (male and female, 4 for each gender) that will make your avi fit and look perfect in that throne like its custom made for you.

With all that said i highly recommend new Boudoir - Wearable Mistress/Master Throne and other fine Boudoir™ Store products that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

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