Moon Song Parent Chair - One Prim Version

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Moon Corrigible

- Moon Song Products

After mine review of Moon Song Spanking Chair and your extreme positive feed back and response my dear readers, i decided together with Moon Corrigible to continue with presentation of her chair series of low prim and low price high quality furniture line.

Todays presentation of new Moon Song Parent Chair - One Prim Version is for fine furniture connoisseurs, that know how to enjoy and value classic timeless design in furniture making combined with high performance and top adult animations. So lets start with the review.

Technical details and description from creator, Moon Corrigible:

"Sometimes naughty little subbies need a good stiff spanking. That's where this chair will come in handy. You can move from scolding to spanking to discussing future behavior with just a click of a button. No more hopping on and off of poseballs or wading through oceans of blue and pink! These chairs have all the spanking, cuddles and sits of our regular spanking chairs without the love category. Plus we've added a stinging over-the-arm-of-the-chair paddling category. And of course it has several comfy sits because, well, its a chair!"

Made in just one prim land impact this new fine Moon Song Parent Chair - One Prim Version will provide you with whole lotta fun with extreme small impact on your land and your pocket. Made in timeless classic design it will blend in perfectly in any private SL home or open to public club.

Also i need to mention that price of 750 L$ is just fragment of the price that will furniture of same quality, rank, and options have on open market, and reason for it is simple; Moon Corrigible, owner and creator of Moon Song Products, wanna make her creations affordable to all SL users. So by all means smart and safe buy.

Majority of animations are custom build, and cant be find in any other furniture, and all animations used in this fine new Moon Song Parent Chair - One Prim Version are high in quality and duration long, carefully chosen and put together to provide you with unique high quality visual stimulation for your RP moments.

On test for this review Moon Song Parent Chair - One Prim Version did perform flawlessly, all animations where smooth in transition and well aligned, all did perform with out any problems. I was not able to find any downside to it.

With all that said i do recommend Moon Song Parent Chair - One Prim Version and other fine Moon Song Products to all my readers and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

SL Market Place:


In World Store:



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