DO County Jail v1.1

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Dick Oompa

- DO Designs

One of many beauties of RP in SL is that it can be so elaborate and sophisticated, with many details and all other factors that will made scene for RP so intense and set mood just right. For that, just one piece of furniture wont do much, you need all decorations and building and all rest, that requires time to build and find, money to buy and good taste and eye to match all together. And again, thats just beginning; you need to set door scripts, and all other details.

So where im getting is, if you like to skip all the things that i did mention above, just go with finish premade RP scenes with all details, scripts and menus like new DO County Jail v1.1 is. So lets start with review.

Technical details and description from creator, Dick Oompa:

"Introducing my County Jail for your urban/grunge RP sims!

With a footprint of just 10m x 10m, this new jail house takes up little room on your sim but offers a variety of adult animations to suit every need! It is packaged using the [Gentek] Buildbox system for easy rezzing and positioning and, when rezzed and finalized, has a land impact of just 32!

Textured in grungy, dirty brick and stonework and with multiple texture faces which enable you to re-texture parts to suit your own environment, if you wish to.

Packed with over 200 animations in the desk and jail cells, the DO County Jail will keep you and yours busy for a good while, and present you with an ideal scenario for your RP.

The County Jail also makes a great combination with my Police Car Wreck! (See Related Items below).


Please take a moment to browse my Marketplace store for more low prim, low cost, original builds. Thank you!"

Getting quality build and made fully functional and equipped jail was never more easier and cheaper then now with new DO County Jail v1.1. You getting rezzer that will rezz you building, with office and two jail cells, with all details all working scripts and with all sexual and other menus (for sitting etc) in just two clicks of the button for unbelievable low price of just 249 L$.

All you have to to is to relax, find good "inmate" or officer and enjoy in your RP scenario. All is in purchase box and all is included. Beside low price, prims are low to, whole jail will take just 32 prims land impact.

And i would like to emphasize one thing; low price of this fine product is only result of creators wish to make his creation affordable to all SL users, not because product is lacking anything in quality performance or design. So by all means DO County Jail v1.1 is quality made safe and smart purchase for all.

Main menu in new DO County Jail v1.1 is in table, made in AVsitter™ 1.29 no pose balls system, logical and easy to use, divided on following sub menus: sit, bad day, cuddles, foreplay, sex, and adjust button. So as you can see plenty ways to use and enjoy this new product :)

All animations used in new DO County Jail v1.1 are high in quality, duration long, and frames per second rich, put together to provide you with quality animated RP visual stimulation for your sensual and sexual RP moments.

On test for this review new DO County Jail v1.1 did work and preformed well, animations where smooth in transition, well aligned and i was not able to find any down side to it. Great product for great price.

With my recommendation you can find new DO County Jail v1.1 and other fine DO Designs products on SL market place only on link under the text:

SL Market Place:


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