! [MiChIGaN's ShAcK!] Lets Go Topless - Premium Edition

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: 2WAT Michigan

- MiChIGaN's ShAcK!

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Well known and established MiChIGaN's ShAcK store lounches new car model for 2016, fully drivable and with great sex menu, and that's not all! This fine new [MiChIGaN's ShAcK!] Lets Go Topless - Premium Edition Car is on 50% price off promo sale for whole month! So get it while you can ;)

Technical details and description from creator, 2WAT Michigan:

"This product is New & Exclusive to the BUY NOW - MAY event!

HALF PRICE DURING MAY ONLY, NORMAL PRICE IS 1500L, so don't just add it to your faves or stick it in your basket for later, do what it says & BUY NOW!

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This gorgeous, mesh super car is certain to get your heart racing as it is absolutely packed full of heart melting and completely hardcore animations...

With no pose balls to worry about and an in-built seamless menu for the animations this is one of the only cars in SL that lets you fuck while you drive, or allows the passenger to suck the driver off as he is racing round!

And racing round you will be as this is fully scripted with KCP V7, custom tuned in by ourselves to make this the ride of your life... with options to have a burst of Nitrous Oxide (NOZ) and even drift round corners, plus manual or automatic transmission, this car is not something you are going to get bored of driving in a hurry!

But if you do, you can park up somewhere scenic and then the real fun begins! a HUGE selection of animations await you, most of them MOCAP (which means we filmed/tracked couples having sex in RL to capture the animation). So yeah, many many hours and lots of fun has gone in to making this car!

You can tie your slave to the hood/bonnet and drive round with them screaming for you to stop, pour candle wax over them & fuck them with a spanner, or simply tease them with a peacock feather, use the extensive menu to work round many areas of the car for your pleasure.

Ohh, and if you are a photographer, the menu also has a "model poses" section which is still poses to help your model look just right when spread across the hood or holding on to the back wheel, plus many other positions for that perfect photo... we have also included a "non-driveable" version so if you are all about the anims you do not have to use the car as a car, just a prop!

If that wasn't enough, there is also a HUGE TEXTURE CHANGE HUD! with separate body, wheel and interior textures you can customize the look of this car in literally hundreds of combinations! Each texture has been mental ray rendered in 3ds max (not just photoshopped) so it looks really ultra realistic with baked in shadows & highlights.

Enough talking this car simply has to be seen to be appreciated, check out the inworld slurl below to come & have a look or a play with the anims!"

Sport and luxurious, [MiChIGaN's ShAcK!] Lets Go Topless - Premium Edition Car will make you noticed on any SL road. Made with high quality details its by all means eye candy. Additional HUD will allow you not just to change color of the car it self, but also rims and interior in all combinations possible.

Drive-ability is excellent, with all standard commands like on all other cars or bikes, with all menu options for additional drive style settings, and its not effected by lag. I did intensive testing of the [MiChIGaN's ShAcK!] Lets Go Topless - Premium Edition Car on many different sims and on all of them Car did behave and drive with out any problems.

And now its time to say few things about adult menu; its well rounded, and it will include all couple adult activities in, on and beside car. Limit is more your RP imagination then technical side of the car adult menu. I personally really did like new [MiChIGaN's ShAcK!] Lets Go Topless - Premium Edition Car and i suggest to all at least try it, because this quality and options, for such affordable price is hard to find. By all means safe and smart buy.

Main menu is logical and easy to use, made in no pose balls system, that will be great addition to your garage or as self standing item.

All animations used in this fine [MiChIGaN's ShAcK!] Lets Go Topless - Premium Edition Car are high in quality and duration long. Carefully chosen and put together to provide you with great visual animated stimulation for your sensual and sexual RP scenario.

On test for this review [MiChIGaN's ShAcK!] Lets Go Topless - Premium Edition Car did preformed flawlessly, all animations where smooth in transition and well aligned so I was not able to find any downside to this fine product.

With that said, i do recommend this new [MiChIGaN's ShAcK!] Lets Go Topless - Premium Edition Car and other fine MiChIGaN's ShAcK store to all my readers and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

*** ON 50% PRICE OFF PROMO SALE TILL JUNE 01. 2016. ***

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