Dictatorshop double feature;

[DS] Monarch Throne v1.0 [C/M/NT] & [DS] Hunt Prize - Queen Alice Throne [C/NM/NT]

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Dictatorshop Resident

- Dictatorshop
 Dictator Shop

Today i have interesting review for you, my dear readers, its double, or maybe to be precise one plus one with teaser ;)

We all remember well Oak Leaf Throne by Dictatorshop that i did review few month back. It was well accepted form you and i did get great feed back for it. Well all the fine features that you like in that Oak Leaf Throne by Dictatorshop you can find in new [DS] Monarch Throne v1.0 [C/M/NT].

[DS] Hunt Prize - Queen Alice Throne [C/NM/NT] is like name says, hunt price, so its free and "light menu" (contains only solo Queen sits)  version of bigger brother [DS] Monarch Throne v1.0 [C/M/NT] that you just need to go in world store, look bit around and pick up for FREE. it really takes a minute and you will have fine Queen Alice Throne [C/NM/NT] in your inventory.

Be sure to take minute of your time and go in world store and hunt for it while the rest of the review will be focused on [DS] Monarch Throne v1.0 [C/M/NT].

Technical details and description from creator, Dictatorshop Resident:

"Works as a regular chair in any setting with
male (14) and female (14) sits
tender couples cuddles (8)
and slow dances (2)

Feeling kinky?
Head for the Maledom and Femdom menus!
No swapping is needed, all poses are aligned specifically for either gender.
Hanging out (6),
Tender sub moments (5),
Foot Fetish and some extras (8+),
Oral (7)
Sex (8)
162 high quality animations inside.

There is a small Dictatorshop logo button on the lower back of the chair. That will give you a menu to change the leather color to any of the five choices: Deep Red, Deep Gray, Forest Green, Royal Blue or Royal Purple.
It is possible to set that button for owner only to prevent tampering in the menu.

It has recently come to my attention that the new HOVER HEIGHT adjustment is causing some folks to have troubles with furniture. If you find that you are floating oddly, check that you are not using hover height while seated. Shoes bases can also move you up so a pose may look differently when barefoot vs wearing high heels. The poses are carefully arranged to give the least amount of trouble but it is an art not a science and differently sized/shaped avatars will run into some problems here and there.

This throne uses AvSitter and is set up so that if you allow the AvSitter experience on your land and accept it when you sit, it will auto attach the props (tablet reader, glass, cigarette, etc) without having to pop up a message each time.

This item is made with the high end settings turned on (bump and specular). I have attempted to make it look good in all graphic settings despite the differences in SL can be fairly large.

If you have any questions, concerns, feedback contact Dictatorshop Resident."

[DS] Monarch Throne v1.0 [C/M/NT] is made in 8 prims land impact in 100% mesh. With texture changer you can blend with just few clicks this fine new product to fit in any space that you like to use it. And its suitable for any SL private home or open to public club or sim. Do you wanna to use it just for cuddles and dancing or male or female D/S RP this new [DS] Monarch Throne v1.0 [C/M/NT] will not discriminate or let you down.

Main menu is easy to use and logical, made in no pose balls system, divided on following sub menus: cuddles, solo male sits, femdom, maledom, dance and adjust button. So as you can see plenty for all to enjoy in use of this fine new product.

All animations used in the [DS] Monarch Throne v1.0 [C/M/NT] are high quality, duration long and frame per second rich, chosen to provide you with good visual animated support for your sensual and sexual RP moments.

On testing for this review of the new [DS] Monarch Throne v1.0 [C/M/NT] performed without any problems,  animations where smooth in transition and well aligned. I was not able to find any downsides to this fine product.

With my recommendation you can find new [DS] Monarch Throne v1.0 [C/M/NT] and other fine Dictatorshop Store products on SL market place and in world store on links under the text:

SL Market Place:


In World Store:


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