MP Noir - "Space Line" Glory Box SERIES 2 V2

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Marcus Perry

- MP Noir

New addition to MP Noir - "Space Line", MP Noir - "Space Line" Glory Box SERIES 2 V2, bringing us even more options and opportunities for SiFi Rp scenarios, so lets start with review :)


- 40 Positions:
13 glory hole sex including bj, fingering etc.
13 torture including lasers, electricity, cryofreeze etc.
14 misc. including prisoner, sleep, solos, repair etc.
- particle chains
- auto sequences
- uses advanced lighting

This new 22 prims land impact MP Noir - "Space Line" Glory Box SERIES 2 V2 is setting standards in "semi uncharted" Sl space RP. Doubt that any one of us did have glory hole in they space ship, so im glad that we can try that finally now :)

High detailed with many options, new MP Noir - "Space Line" Glory Box SERIES 2 V2 is ideal item for all SL space enthusiasts, and it sure is "eye catcher", so if you rez it on your open to public sim, your visitors will surely notice it and try it out. Plus its copy, so you can rez as many as you like.

For the moment available only in world store. So don't be shy, fell free to use TP link and try it there :)

Menu is logical and easy to use, made in MLPV2.4z9 system, well known and dependable, divided on following sub menus: props, subject, glory hole, misc, devices and help and options buttons. So as you can see plenty to have fun and quality RP is in side :)

All animations used in this new MP Noir - "Space Line" Glory Box SERIES 2 V2 are high in quality, frames per second rich and duration long. I was having pleasure experience testing it for you and i didn't find any bad sides on it on test for this review. All animations where smooth in transition, well adjusted and all was working perfect.

With all that said, i do recommend new MP Noir - "Space Line" Glory Box SERIES 2 V2 and other fine MP Noir products to all my readers, and you can find them in world store on link under the text:

In World Store:


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