Dark Addictions Leather Club Lap Dance Chair (Female 1st Open) 2.18

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Mindy Astermann

- Dark Addictions Store

I have two big reasons for my todays review item, my dear readers; first is your requesting fo high quality strip club and adult clubs furniture, and second one even bigger, Dark Addictions Leather Club Lap Dance Chair (Female 1st Open) 2.18 is high quality and well made product that i dont see enough on public and private sims, so i personally don't wanna that kinda fine furniture to go unnoticed. Lets start with review :)

Technical details and description from creator, Mindy Astermann:

"Cum Slut Approved!
Club Lap Dance, Spank, Blow Job, Happy Endings Chair (Mesh)

Comere big boy ! ..... she gives him her biggest and most seductive smiles ...

This chair was designed for the working girl in mind, this club version has all the great animations as the Cum Slut Princess chair...and some new trills too
Now included two menu versions, (Male sits 1st, dancer controls all the action) and a (female sits 1st open menu), so you can choose your own role play style...
This chair is loaded with Erotic fun, a girl loves to Tempt her Clients and man for some of the very best rewards...and even some spanks...pouts...

Finished in the finest Top Grade Leather
Made oh high quality Mesh with a low land impact of 3 prim

ONE OF THE ***Play with the best*** Furniture Line

Menu includes:

* Solo 15+, includes 7 solo dances
* Cuddles 11 sets
* Lap 10 sets
* Circle Dance 9 sets, 1 long play
* Dance 8 sets, 1 long play
* Dance2 8 sets
* BJ 15 sets, 1 long play
* 4play 10 sets, 1 long play
* Spanks 9 sets
* Sex 10 sets, 1 long play
* Sex2 10 sets, 1 long play

**Also Includes a Female sits first version, with a full open access menu to both sitters

* 9 Leather texture change options... Texture change button on back of seat
* Security options are to allow ALL, GROUP ONLY, or OWNER ONLY to sit
* Facial expressions can be switched off via the [FACES] button in the [ADJUST] menu

- Top quality Animation Sets organized in easy to understand and navigate menus
- All appropriate and chosen specifically for this piece of furniture
- The AVsitter engine uses a no poseball system is smoothly functional
- Convenient select button in the animation menu allows for effortless gender switching
- name>, denotes the long play animation sets, included in the appropriate menu areas

Dark Addictions ~ Archdemon - turning luxury into a necessity
- No useless or ill-fitting poses
- No confused disorganized menus
- No annoying poseballs!
Reap the rewards of the love and care we put into our craft

very easy to adjust specific to an avatar in the following manner if necessary
(it remembers people's personal adjustments)
1. sit
2. choose pose
3. click adjust button
4. adjust the z value up or down (this is height only) other adjustments should be fine
5. click the save button
6. you may revert to original setup by clicking the default and save buttons for each pose as needed

Furniture made with AVsitter2 can remember a large number of custom positions for avatars who use the "[ADJUST]" menu to adjust poses (e.g. for adding a fine adjustment to a couples pose, or just getting more comfortable in the chair). The ADJUST menu is for users of the furniture to make custom adjustments for their specific avatars ONLY. This ADJUST menu is NOT for setting the master positions for poses! When memory is full, AVsitter2 will keep the most recently used custom positions and drop the least used.

Archdemon is committed to bringing you the highest quality specialty items at reasonable prices
All feedback is important to us and very much appreciated

For customer service and inquiries contact
Mindy Astermann ~ Dark Addictions
DaSein Noyes - Archdemon"

First that i would like to emphasize about this new fine product is fact that its closest thing to "perfect" lap dancing chair for clubs. When yuo look at purchase folder you will see that you have two versions of the chair in side; male first and female first. Now version male first is ideal for clubs, because guy/customer sits first and then after stripper joins him on the chair she got control and he can do things in the way RP is going, and use staff/client options in menu. Plus its copy. with female first version you getting what you will have by any other chair with no pose balls menu, so i see it more suitable for public sex sims and private homes.

Dark Addictions Leather Club Lap Dance Chair (Female 1st Open) 2.18 is prim light, just 3 land impact, with texture changer, so it will blend in perfectly in any surrounding where you wanna use it.

Main menu is easy to use and logical, made in AVsitter™2.1 no pose balls system with latest update, divided on following sub menus: solo, cuddles, lap, circle dance, dance, dance 2, bj, 4 play, spank, sex, sex 2 and adjust button. So as you can see well made product with plenty ways for couples to use and enjoy.

All animations used in this new Dark Addictions Leather Club Lap Dance Chair are high quality, duration long and frame per second rich, chosen to provide you with good visual animated support for your sensual and sexual RP moments.

On test for this review new Dark Addictions Leather Club Lap Dance Chair did preformed with out any problems, all items did rez in right spot and on time, animations where smooth in transition and well aligned so i was not able to find any down side to this new fine product.

With my recommendation you can find new Dark Addictions Leather Club Lap Dance Chair and other fine Dark Addictions Store products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

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