N4RS Attica - MF -c 1.0

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: alecat Breda

- N4RS Animated Sex Furniture and Decor

One of nominees for this year SL ADULT INDUSTRY AWARDS 2015 for best STRAIGHT ADULT FURNITURES and GAY ADULT FURNITURES is N4RS Animated Sex Furniture and Decor, owned and created by alecat Breda. More then reason enough to present this fine store on my blog, plus i do have to add more then few requests from you, my dear readers. Im always grateful for all your feed back so i did contacted alecat Breda and im glad to say that his store and his products will be seen often on my blog now. For opening presentation alecat Breda did choose N4RS Attica - MF -c 1.0. So lets start with review :)

Technical details and description from creator, alecat Breda:

"N4RS Attica

100% Original Mesh BDSM Furniture


The Attica
- Land Impact (scripted 6)
The Attica Pillows (natural and hi-tek)
- Land Impact 1 each

- Texture Changes:
Style: Hi Tek Resin
Scratched Metal
Dungeon Wood

Shadow: On / Off
Chains: Bright / Dim

- Animations:

Including Solo - Kneel, Rest, Masturbate, Sit and Chained sets
Duo - B4 & After (cuddles, talks), Orals Menu and Fuck Menu

85% Exclusive N4RS Animations
MF 81 Animations

- RLV Enabled

Subs / Female sit first
Dom / Male sits second"

First what i have to say about N4RS Animated Sex Furniture and Decor, is high details design. Extremely realistic and high quality shaped mesh will amaze you by this creator.

New N4RS Attica - MF -c 1.0 is available in male/female and male/male version, with 6 prims land impact for just bed with shadow, and in purchase box beside bed you will find 2 additional pillows and floor towel, bout in some fine high detailed design. All versions are copy and mod.

N4RS Attica - MF -c 1.0 is primarily BDSM, dungeon or prison bed, with RLV. When you click it, sim will be scanned for RLV relays. Main menu is with out pose balls, easy to use and logical, divided on following sub menus: solo, duo, give cuffs, textures, RLV and adjust button. Duo will lead you in additional sub menu divided on: b4-after, oral and fuck. So as you can see all that you need for quality RP is in side.

All animations used in this fine new product, N4RS Attica - MF -c 1.0, are high in quality and duration long, carefully chosen to provide you with awesome visual animated support for your sensual and sexual RP moments. 85% of animations are original and can only be found in N4RS Animated Sex Furniture and Decor products.

On test for this review N4RS Attica - MF -c 1.0 did perform flawlessly, RLV was working good, all animations where smooth in transition and well aligned, so i was not able to find any downside to it.

With all that said i do recommend this new N4RS Attica - MF -c 1.0 and other fine N4RS Animated Sex Furniture and Decor products to all my readers and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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