DEDICATED Masturbate Anywhere HUD for Women

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Mony Lindman


Today i have interesting new product to present you my dear readers, DEDICATED Masturbate Anywhere HUD for Women. I know what you will say, why we need masturbation HUD when any half decent vagina in SL have build in animations for that all ready. Answer is simple, because quality, quantity and versatility in use.

I will explain more later, but first now some space for technical details and description from creator, Mony Lindman:

"*** Masturbate Anyway HUD - for women ***

! NO BALLS ! You can use it ANYWHERE where you can run scripts , even in places where you are not allowed to rez, because THIS HUD DOES NOT REZ BALLS !

This is the version for WOMEN. You can find the Masurbation HUD for MEN in the Related Items in my Market place store, as well as the Masturbate Anywhere DOUBLE PACK containing a HUD for men and a HUD for women (save 100L$ if you buy the double pack!).

Both are transferable so you can buy both and give one to your partner. This way you can masturbate together .. anywhere.


- 63 high quality animations: standing , sitting , kneeling , laying - MENU DRIVEN - you can add your own!

- 14 erotic sounds: breath , moan , cum & vibrator sound - MENU DRIVEN - you can add your own!

- Facial Expressions (on or off) - MENU DRIVEN - you can combine more expressions into one, save up to 5 combinations and replay them!

- SHOW / HIDE button

1 click on it will hide the whole HUD except the button itself
1 other click on this button will make the whole HUD visible again

- Dildo with all the erotic and vibrator sounds from the HUD repeated (menu by click on dildo) - use this sound menu if you want the people around to hear your sounds (the sounds from the HUD itself can be heard only by you, if the HUD is worn).

Permissions : modify / transfer , no copy

The HUD itself is MOD so you can make it bigger or smaller, change colors, add animations or sounds, etc. It appears as "no mod" only because some animations or scripts inside are no mod.

For detailed instructions of use and about possible modifications PLEASE read the instructions notecard!"

Ok, my turn to emphasize few things :)

First what i like to say about this new fine product, is opening brand new possibilities for females in SL erotic and porn and in photography. While "common" vagina that we can find on Sl market is limited to only few (3 to 9) masturbation animations, this new HUD contains 63 of them in 4 positions (standing, sitting, kneeling, laying) with face expression combination options. Imagine what that can do for your photo poses. Further more, If you are in making of videos, this fine DEDICATED Masturbate Anywhere HUD for Women, contains 14 erotic sounds: breath, moan, cum & vibrator sound with options to add your own sounds to. With use of that your erotic videos will be even more realistic.

Ok, lets say you are Jane Average, not in SL porn on photography, what will this new HUD do for you? For start it will give you new ways for foreplay and opening of RP scenario, on public or private sim. Make you more desirable and you will sure catch each guy eye when you will be using it.

All animations used in this fine new product, DEDICATED Masturbate Anywhere HUD for Women, are high in quality and duration long, plus on test for this review HUD did perform well and flawlessly on different servers and sims and in different lag conditions, always with out any problems.

With that said, i do recommend this new DEDICATED Masturbate Anywhere HUD for Women and other fine DEDICATED Store products to all my readers and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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