Smooching Serpents >MoulinRose

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Eve Light


After my very positive review on Smooching Serpents Morphing Room+ from 12/31/2014


I did get many requests from you, my dear readers, of new modules and upgrades for it. Honestly i'm glad you like options and possibilities that this fine product offers same as i, so today for you i have new Smooching Serpents >MoulinRose module.

Technical details and description from creator, Eve Light:

Scene Module for Morphing Room

The Morphing Room is a playroom system that allows you to rez various kinky setups for intense BDSM play.
This is the place for your entertainment!


- footprint 15x15m, rez only when needed
- luxurious brothel design, pink&beautiful, sparkling chandeliers
- contains exclusive BDSM toys by Smooching Serpents:
* Porn Pole - fucking hot dance pole
* Hot Lap - dance stool for lap dance and more things you like to do
* Hidden Pleasures - sex sofas with secret options...

Furniture Features:

- high quality sex and BDSM animations
- rez chains and give cuffs
- RLV force sit and restrictions
- no fucking pose balls
- 100% Mesh, high LOD
- texture change, baked shadows

If you need support, please contact Cerowain Ceawlin. He will be glad to help!"

Ok let me explain main benefits here; what you buying is actually fully furnished, luxurious, high detailed "room", that can be fully rezzed or derezzed in one click of the button. Or, since all is copy you can use each piece of furniture individual at our own leisure, when and how you like it.

Imagine possibilities here; instant porn shooting or photo set, if you are "working girl" or stripper instant set for VIP client that can be set in any location in seconds and be ready to go, surprise birth day or any other party, you name it, this new Smooching Serpents >MoulinRose module will provide you with all that instantly.

Two separate dancing stages, one with and one with out pole and 3 couches. separate menus in stages and couches that covering all from hanging out, dances and hard core sex for couples and 3somes including RLV. And all that in high LOD mesh in top style and design.

All animations used in this fine new Smooching Serpents >MoulinRose are high in quality and duration long. On test for this review module did perform flawlessly, RLV was working great, all animations where smooth in transition and well aligned and ambiance and texture changer did perform with out any problems. I was not able to find any downside to it.

With all that said i do recommend this new Smooching Serpents >MoulinRose and other fine SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture products to all my readers and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

SL Market Place:


In World Store:


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