[AA] Sex bed PASSION 6.1M

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

This will be bit different intro for blog, but i just have to address this question that im getting so often, and its regarding pose balls and menus in adult furniture. Now its not my intention to bash AVsitter™ or XPOSE or MLPV, what i wanna to do is to explain what does what and strengths and weaknesses of them. Many of you insisting on furniture with out poseballs and saying that pose balls are things of the past, and there is nothing wrong with that as long you dont wanna have menus that contains 3 some, 4 some, 5 some or moresome combinations all in one piece of furniture. AVsitter™ is great system, but with limited memory. So if you wanna have significant number of animations in side there is no space. So you have two options, use XPOSE system or crack and patch up some no pose balls system.

And that will be in shortest way possible, in layman words, explanation why some creator still using pose balls menus. They are forced to use something stable to give you all combination of animations to for fill your wishes and desires.

Same is with Alina Graf, legendary animator in SL, person who is in making adult furniture with her own original hand made animations for so long. Well known for best orgy furniture she is still using XPOSE system for memory span purposes. And she has brand new bed out; [AA] Sex bed PASSION 6.1M!

Well known for his timeless design and versatility, new [AA] Sex bed PASSION 6.1M have even more poses for more fun and pleasure in use. And lets not forget fact that this bed is build for 4 some combinations + voyeurs to. So lets start with review.

Technical details and description from creator, Alina Graf:


My beds use poses made by myself and only found in my products. All exclusive and original production and months of work to develope. Come test them in my store.

Modern sex bed with my XPose Bed Engine and Themes Changer. 12 prims only. Built in sleep animations in pillows.
With Theme Changer you can dress it romantic or hot, suitable for a romantic couple, a swing couple open to friends, a latin lover or a sex club!

Complete with solo, couples, 3-somes and 4-somes poses,
Straight, Lesbian and Gay combinations are available.
Each animation is homemade by Poser 7 and Poser Pro 2010, not bought somwhere at animations hard discount or got from some Poser ready animation, and carefully tested in beta grid one by one before uploading.
Animations are tested to run on "average" avatar shapes, muscular male one and tall and slim female one. When same pose name is for MF and FF or MM, for example, they are been adjusted to run for 2 female figures or 2 male ones starting from same pose.
They will run at best if avatars on are near these average shapes or, if of same gender, similiar in height to each other.
I suggest you to test the bed before buying.

Bed is Trasfer and Modify in the build and engine: you can change poses settings, menus order and names, Xcite settings, expressions and expressions time, poses positions. Sounds can be turned off and on. Poses sync can be turned on and off.
You cannot change engine settings and Option menu (available for use to owner). In case you need change something inside call me.
Functionality after customer modifications is up to the customer.
!XPose animation engine 4.0 will provide the best experience and XCite! compatibility will automatically activate your XCite! device if not turned off.

• Themes changer with 23 options. All switched by 1 smart low lag script.
• 393 menu poses, 930 all original and selfmade animations
• Singles, Couples, 3some, 4somes animations for MF, FF and MM combinations
• Straight, Lesbian and Gay animations
• Multispeed: 3 speeds each sex couple pose
• 3 rezzable poseballs for voyeurs
• XPose engine with XCite devices compatibility
• Pose adjust & permission settings for owner
• 18 Rezzable & givable objects with poses, some scripted
• Modificable engine (configuration notecards for menu/poses and positions, not settings and options)
• Mesh build
• 12 prims only
• Nasty sounds with poses and in their own menu
• Facial expressions and smart Swap options

Select each of 3 speeds in menu with FASTER>> and <<SLOWER buttons: Normal > Fast > Faster
It works for all couple penetration pose menus: MF, FF and MM.

All handmade and original animations, the best of my creations, with swap and facial expressions:
• Single poses:    16 poses
• Couple FM poses:    123 poses
• Couple FF poses:    72 poses
• Couple MM poses:    38 poses
• 3some MMF poses: 24 poses
• 3some FFM poses: 27 poses
• 3some FFF poses: 18 poses
• 3some MMM poses: 7 poses
• 3some MBF poses: 18 poses
• 3somes Cuddles: 9 poses
• 4some MF-MF poses: 18 poses
• 4some MFFM poses: 8 poses
• 4some MMMF poses: 9 poses
• 4some FFFM poses: 9 poses
• 4some FFFF poses: 9 poses

• Bed is MOD / co copy / TRANSFER
• Engine is MOD / no copy / TRANSFER
• Animations are no mod / no copy / TRANSFER
• Scripts are no mod / no copy / TRANSFER
• Notecards are partially MOD / no copy / TRANSFER
[Strongly not suggested any changes on textures because of the scripted changer!]

• Texturization work is made by Quinn Ying
• Mesh mdel is made by Selina Anatra
• Animations are made all by myself, Alina Graf
Animations don't fit all: please test them before buying and visit my main store for my other products.



New timeless [AA] Sex bed PASSION 6.1M is made in 100% mesh with texture changer and its 12 prims land impact. This new modern classic got same and all advantages like any Alina Animations v.5 series bed, with so many combination and number of persons that can RP on it at same time and addition of new hand made animations. I'm sure that many SL users will love it.

Menu is rich and easy to use, divided on following sub menus: solo, couples, 3 some, 4 some, sounds, +voyeur and option button. Any of the buttons will lead you to more sub menus with more options. So as you can see, many ways to enjoy in use of this fine new product.

Superb hand made animations, that Alina Graf is well known for and that can be find only in her furniture is another plus that new Alina Animations products have. Try it if you didn't so far and you will know what i'm talking about.

Functionality and duration of [AA] Sex bed PASSION 6.1M is well known and legendary from previous models, countless of them are in SL private homes and open to public sims, so you can be sure that with this new version you getting top quality and performance that is proven and stood the test of time. With constant updates and upgrades to keep it exactly that way for years to come.

With my highest recommendation, you can find this new [AA] Sex bed PASSION 6.1M and other fine Alina Animations products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

SL Market Place:



In World Store:


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