Pro Boning HUD [ Increase FUCK Power!!! ] - OmniPotent

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Vijay Uggla

- OmniPotent Animations

Vijay Uggla is always an original creator. A man with his own vision who always mold and create quality products for all to use in SL. Thats why I'm in love with him - thats why he is in SL adult animation/toy business for so many years now. We enjoy so many innovative and original products from him, and with this new Pro Boning HUD [ Increase FUCK Power!!! ] - OmniPotent Vijay Uggla is showing us again how skillful and "out of the box" he is.

Ideal for RP in any aspect, sexual or social, new Pro Boning HUD [ Increase FUCK Power!!! ] - OmniPotent will be extremely useful and cherished tool for all. So lets start with review.

Technical details and description from creator, Vijay Uggla:

"Enhance your Fuck POWER!!

You are not just a simple sex Machine. you can now do more on each boring sex position!

Fuck like a Pro!!
-Make your partner and yourself come like never before!

♥ Want to take your SL sex skillz to another level?♥

Become The Most Badass Fucker of them all?♥

♥ Show how crazy good your are is in bed !?!

♥ Show your baby's BJ is Mucho powerful!!

Don't let boring sex furniture limit what you can do!
Wish sometimes to express your excitment while sexing??

~ Now you can!!

HUD with a menu of 47 [ORIGINAL EXCLUSIVE] animation enhancements
Activate anytime (especially on sex furnitures):
» Howl like a Wolf
» Lick your palm ♥
» Flex your Muscles★ (Gun Show!)
» Shaking your Head
» Orgasmic Growls / Groans
» Scratching your dick☞◊
» Jerking off (Left, Right or Double Handed)♥
» Multiple alternate arm positions
» covering mouth
» Beating your Chest!! ☀
» Tickled Feet
» Slap dat ASS
» Slap yo own face
» Spit on hand (for lube)
» Turbo Charged Vibrating hands & Super Drill hands

+ many more!!

Some actions can be COMBINED!!
( try and discover cool combinations, hours of fun! )


Sound menu to activate 15 PRO Boning sex sounds♬ !!
to increase the arousal factor of your mate.
♦ Moans & Groans♥
♦ Grunting Fuck Sounds
♦ Jerking off sound
♦ Deep Breathing
♦ Sucking & Slurping
♦ "Suck it Goooood"
♦ "Like That?"
♦ "Who Dick is that?"

+ much much more~ ! !

♬ Sounds to elevate your fucking to another level★ !!

☞ Instructions:

Wear the VJ-Pro Boning HUD - OmniPotent ∞ attachment (drag to avatar from inventory or "Add").

A button will appear on top Right of your screen.

Click ☜ to Activate Menu.

"Actions" menu button brings 6 pages of animation options.
many of these actions can be combined to give interesting results.

- choosing "Stop" from Actions menu will deactivate all Pro Boning HUD animations only.
(Any existing animations on the sex furniture or sexbed will continue. any Pro Boning Sounds will continue to play)

"Sounds" menu brings 2 pages of sound options.
only one sound will be played at any time.

- choosing "Stop" from ♬ Sounds menu will ONLY stop any playing Pro Boning HUD Sound. All animations will continue.

"☗ MainMenu" menu
- by choosing "✖STOP!" from this menu, all Pro Boning HUD Animations AND Sound will be stopped.

- "Facial on" & "Facial off" toggles built-in facial expressions for various Pro Boning Animations.

HUD can be attached to various positions on your HUD, eg. Top Left, Top Right, Top, Bottom, Bottom Left, Bottom Right.


You can also choose to attach it directly to your avatar.
Right Click ☜ the "VJ-Pro Boning HUD - OmniPotent" item from within the inventory,
Choose "Attach to"
choose from the following attachment points:

once attached, click☜ anywhere near your avatar's head to activate menu.

Mod and Copy
(except scripts which are Copy only)

Features ❀
- Lifetime redelivery offered from redelivery terminals at my main store.

- 47 Original Animations specially made and ONLY found in THIS PRODUCT."


In this part, where i give you my personal impressions about this product let's start with down side. Only one that i see, and it's not creators fault, will be mesh head and hands. New Pro Boning HUD [ Increase FUCK Power!!! ] - OmniPotent, sadly doesn't animate them. But, and a very big BUT, on positive side, even if you are using mesh head and hands, HUD will animate your body, and serve his purpose in 99% of all cases.

So yes, even if you are 100% in mesh, i will still highly recommend this new awesome product for you.

Second positive thing that i see in this new Pro Boning HUD [ Increase FUCK Power!!! ] - OmniPotent is usefulnesses. Not just in just every day SL communication and RP, but as necessity for any one that is in for example into SL photography or even more so, in video making. This HUD will make you do what's needed for a video fable in second with just one click of the button.

All animations used in this fine new Pro Boning HUD [ Increase FUCK Power!!! ] - OmniPotent are high in quality and long in duration. Carefully chosen and put together to provide you with unique high quality visual stimulation for your RP moments. Custom handmade by Vijay Uggla and it can be found exclusively in just this one and only item and only from OmniPotent Animations.

On test for this review Pro Boning HUD [ Increase FUCK Power!!! ] - OmniPotent perform flawlessly. All animations where smooth in transition and well aligned and all did perform with out any problems. I was not able to find any downside to it.

With all that said, I thoroughly recommend this new Pro Boning HUD [ Increase FUCK Power!!! ] - OmniPotent and other fine OmniPotent Animations products to all my readers and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

SL Market Place:


In World Store:


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