MS Upright Chair

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Moon Corrigible

- Moon Song Products

Moon Corrigible becoming one of your favorite creators, my dear readers. Many of you contacting me and telling me how well and how easy to use her menus are, and how you love so many intuitive options in her furniture.

Today i have new creation from Moon, MS Upright Chair, flawless and in classic lines, with all the features that you love and ask for them again and again in side.

And before i go to all technical details, let me just emphasize once again, that only reason for low price of Moon Song Products is creators wish to have her creations affordable to all SL users and not lack of quality performance or anything else. Each Moon Song Product is made in top quality and superb performance.

So lets start with review.

Technical details and description from creator, Moon Corrigible:

"Every now and again most submissives need a firm hand... directly to the posterior .. to make them feel warm and loved and wiggly and squishy. Moon Song's Upright Chair excels at helping the caring dominant provide this sort of helping hand. Crafted to be discreet, the beautifully built chair looks like any other normal, vanilla piece of furniture, and its extensive appearance menu will allow you to blend it seamlessly into any decor. But sitting on the chair opens up a world of decadent possibilities for intimate role play, ranging from LDD and BDSM to good old fashioned Loving! This chair also has a variety of options such as sound and faces which can be controlled by the owner or anyone they designate as administrators. These will allow you to truly tailor your Moon Song Upright Chair to cater specifically to your every fantasy. Let your imagination run wild!

Simply click to sit. A menu will then come up giving you several options. If two people are going to use the piece, it is assumed that the dominant will sit down first (though you can always switch later). Each position can either be controlled separately, or cuddled together in an interactive animation. And while the submissive can only take the menu with the dominant's permission, either party can fine tune the adjustments for both participants. (So you can make the subbie do it!)

This is a conglomerated mesh object, so the prim count shown is land impact .. which is just 2!

Your best bet is to come try out the chair for yourself in our in world stores (links under the text)."

Made in just 2 prims land impact this new fine Moon Song's MS Upright Chair will provide you with so many options with small impact on your land and your pocket. And its so cool in design to :)

Menus are so well described from creator and show on pictures so i wont focus my self on them. But i have to say they are easy to use and logical, with out any adopting period needed, and like always when we dealing with Moon Song products, they will provide us with hours and hours of fun.

Also i need to mention that price of 1000 L$ is just fragment of the price that you would pay for furniture of same quality, rank, and options have on open market, so by all means smart and safe buy.

Majority of animations are custom build, and cant be find in any other furniture, and all animations used in this fine new MS Upright Chair are high in quality and duration long, carefully chosen and put together to provide you with unique high quality visual stimulation for your RP moments.

On test for this review MS Upright Chair did perform flawlessly, all animations where smooth in transition and well aligned and all did perform with out any problems. I was not able to find any to it.

With all that said i do recommend MS Upright Chair and other fine Moon Song Products to all my readers and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

SL Market Place:


In World Store:



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