[AA] Ultimate Rug XPOSE V6M

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

Countless messages from you, my dear readers, about new Alina Animations releases finally been answered! I'm glad to say and announce that Alina is starting with big update on her legendary furniture, starting with well known and cult status [AA] Ultimate Rug XPOSE V6M.

All of you who are fans of group sex, know what V5 series did. Now add 61 new animations to it and imagine what this new [AA] Ultimate Rug XPOSE V6M will do ;)

Price is affordable, specially in transfer version, and regarding the number of top quality hand animations in side i will say this is by all means safe and smart buy.

So lets start with review.

Technical details and description from creator, Alina Graf:


Couples, 3-somes, 4-somes AND 6-somes poses | Straight, Lesbian AND Bisex guys combinations | 32x17x17 Textures with access permissions

• remade almost all 3-some MMF and FFM for sex! 61 new animations added: smoother, faster, harder and hornier.
• Reoganized poses in 3.some menus

Alina Animations present the latest of her creations XCite compatibility, new textures
The best of my production with many new poses specifically designed for this product.

• 294 menu poses, 745 all original and selfmade animations
• Singles, Couples, 3some, 4somes and 6some animations for both MF and FF combinations.
• Straight, Lesbian and Bisex animations.
• Multispeed feature for couple sex poses.
• XPose engine with XCite devices compatibility.
• Pose adjust & permission settings for owner.
• Rug mod and engine mod.
• 4 PRIMS: low prims design with 2 sculpted pillows and shadows.
• 32x17x17 TEXTURES choises for owner (default), list or all from the lower pillow separate for single pillows and rug:

Sculpted pillows with shadows and texture changer to switch from modern textures to tatami ones, to classic or ethnic ones.
The rug comes with MODIFY permissions.
Dimensions are 4 x 4 mts.

All handmade and original animations, the best of my creations, with swap and facial expressions:
• Couple FM poses: 70 in 11 menus including teasing and cum facial poses,
• Couple FF poses: 32 in 5 menus including rezzable dildo,
• 3some MMF poses: 24 in 3 menu including cum facial pose,
• 3some FFM poses: 27 in 3 menu including cum facial pose,
• 3some FFF poses: 18 in 2 menu including rezzable dildo,
• 3some MBF poses: 18 in 2 menu,
• 4some MFMF poses: 18 in 2 menu including cum facial pose,
• 4some MFFM poses: 9 in 1 menu including cum facial pose,
• 4some MMMF poses: 9 in 1 menu including cum facial poses,
• 4some FFFM poses: 8 in 1 menu including cum facial pose,
• 4some FFFF poses: 9 in 1 menu including cum facial pose,
• 6some MFMFMF poses: 9 in 1 menu including cum facial pose,
• 6some MMMMFF poses: 9 in 1 menu including cum facial pose,
• 6some MMFFFF poses: 9 in 1 menu including cum facial pose,
• 6some FFFFFF poses: 5 in 1 menu,
• 6some GANG-BANG poses: 6 in 1 menu including cum facial poses

Balls have simple colors based on actor gender and floating text showing gender use and pose number (ex: M1, F2). All animations are looped and made to run together, with smooth ease in and out.
Swap option is always present and smart setted to switch players of same sex (ex: switch males only in a MMF pose or males with males and females with females in a MFMF pose).
Facial expressions are always available for a more realistic play.
Both Xcite compatibility and Facial Expressions can be turned off from Option menu.

PERMISSIONS Transfer Version:
• Rug is MOD / no copy / TRANSFER
• Animations are no mod / no copy / TRANSFER
• Scripts are no mod / no copy / TRANSFER
• Notecards are partially MOD / no copy / TRANSFER
[Strongly not suggested any changes on textures because of the scripted changer!]
• The Copy version is No Transfer/COPY.

Mesh model was made by Bellejour Shinn
Textures were made by Bellejour Shinn
All animations were made by me, Alina Graf"

Simple timeless [AA] Ultimate Rug XPOSE V6M is made in 100% mesh with texture changer and its only 3 prims land impact. This new modern classic got same and all advantages like any Alina Animations v.5 series bed in rug, with so small prim amount and addition of 61 new hand made animations. Available in transfer and copy version to. I'm sure that many SL users that like rug more then bed will love it.

Menu is rich and easy to use, covering all from couples, 3somes and 4somes, 6somes, sounds and much more. One of best multiple person orgy item on market if you ask me, but i'm sure you all know that all ready ;)

Superb hand made animations, that Alina Graf is well known for and that can be find only in her furniture is another plus that new Alina Animations products have. Try it if you didn't so far and you will know what i'm talking about.

Functionality and duration of [AA] Ultimate Rug XPOSE V6M is well known and legendary from previous models, countless of them are in SL private homes and open to public sims, so you can be sure that with this new version you getting top quality and performance that is proven and stood the test of time. With constant updates and upgrades to keep it exactly that way for years to come.

With my highest recommendation, you can find this new [AA] Ultimate Rug XPOSE V6M and other fine Alina Animations products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

SL Market Place:


In World Store:


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