Rendez-vous skybox by Abiss

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Frasha Boa

- Abiss Interior Design

Some creators are capable to make instant hits. Over and over again. Frasha Boa and Oggy Bonetto can release any new building and i know in matter of hours i will be having requests about it from you, my dear readers.

I fully understand your interest, when you mix skills from Frasha Boa and Oggy Bonetto result can be only the best and superior product in his class. And since your wish is my command, here it is, new Rendez-vous skybox by Abiss.

Technical details and description from creator, Frasha Boa:

"Rendez-vous skybox by Abiss

Big Ben chimes in the background as you wait in anticipation for your secret meeting with your lover. Music softly purrs and you drift off to a different time, before the children, the work, the responsibility, to when it was just you and them..... The Rendez-vous Skybox is a luxurious getaway from the mundane of everyday. A perfect place to escape with your secret lover, mate, spouse. This elegant skybox offers impeccably rich detail and artistry right down to the moonlit London backdrop as only Abiss can offer. Menu driven bed with a huge variety of options both adult and PG with smooth seamless poses, perfect shadows dancing off the walls and a dark, sexy ambiance no one can deny. This gorgeous getaway has a LI of 84, perfect for everyone! Beauty brought to you by Abiss...
Structure details:

84 prims land impact

25x31m size recommended 1024 sqm size parcel

Animated pieces :

Bed - 137 animations
Window seats - 112 animations
painting with animations - 84 animations
chair - 9 animations

Skybox comes with rezzer, all you need to do is place it where you want your skybox to appear and touch it, choose rezz. ( sometimes due to sim lag certain parts might be not positioned correctly, fix is simple- just nudge rezzer box a bit and all pieces will come to right place). When you are satisfied, you can save structure form rezzer menu, then its safe to delete rezzer.


Q: Can I open the door, I want to link it with some of mine existing structures?
a: Yes, script is inside door prim. You need to set it to running.
Q: I want windows to close themselves after certain period of time. How do I do that?
a: Inside each window is script that controls its behavior. there is line with automatic close timer - currently set to 0, you can type desired number of seconds.
Q: Can I remove shadows/illumination effect from lamps?
a: No, physical illumination accuracy was out goal and entire structure has pre-baked illumination to achieve displayed effects.
Q: Can I use my own paintings?
a: Yes of course! Drag and drop the painting from your inventory directly over existing painting (try not to hit frame or wall)
Q: Can I replace panoramic background? I have some images I want to use.
a: Yes, however you`ll have to do that manually. It might be tricky for novice builders.

Additional Info:

*Contains rezzer powered by *Rez-Faux scripts
* The skybox is 100% mesh building therefore you'll need a mesh viewer to see it. Viewer settings higher LOD factor is optional, however skybox is tested with low settings and visually appears correctly.
* Structure is being sold as displayed at demo location.
* Inside of building is set to full bright for best visual experience.
* Outside of building is also set to full bright. You can tweak it individually due to mod permissions on structure.
* Please be advised to check the prim count on your parcel prior to purchase, some parcels might have less prims available than others.
* Baked textures- shadows are "burned" into textures
* Prefab editing isn't recommended, however if you really feel like editing the skybox just rez another copy if you're not happy with result. Entire structure is mod/copy so you can always rez another copy in case you made an accidental mistake.

For any questions IM Frasha Boa or Oggy Bonetto

Enjoy your SL day/night

Abiss team"

Made in recognizable but always new  and inspiring style new Rendez-vous skybox by Abiss is essence of the luxury and style.

Long tradition of Abiss Interior Design store in making flawless and rich building and furniture reaches his prime in this fine new product. And that makes it hard for me to describe it. So i will strongly suggest to all of you to take few moments of your time, and TP to Abiss store and take look for your self at this amazing new creation.

All animations used in this new Rendez-vous skybox by Abiss are high in quality, duration long and frames per second rich, and they will provide you with awesome visual animated stimulation for your sensual and sexual RP moments.

On test for this review Rendez-vous skybox by Abiss did performed flawlessly, all animations where smooth in transition, well aligned, all rezzable items where rezzing in time and in right place and i was not able to find any downside to it.

With all that said and with my recommendation, you can find this new Rendez-vous skybox by Abiss and other fine Abiss Interior Design Products on SL market place or in wold store, on links under the text:

SL Market Place:


In World Store:


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