Zen French Farmhouse Kitchen

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Zhoie Zimermann

- Zen Creations

Following up on your requests and demands, my dear readers, today ill be making review of new just released Zen French Farmhouse Kitchen.

With new, just released Zen French Farmhouse Kitchen, Zhoie Zimermann is targeting customers that love modern, but still classic design, with many small but functional details. And thats exactly what this new set provides, with versatility and top value in use for the price.

Technical details and description from creator, Zhoie Zimermann:

"NO pose ball system. Items are not linked. Huge color change combination options.

ISLAND AND FRIDGE: contains a total of 110 couple (sex, pleasure, cuddle) and 18 solo kitchen animations
SINK AND STOVE: contain a total of 9 solo kitchen animations
EACH CHAIR: contains: 30 solo animations (eat/drink, various sits, reading book/newspaper, etc)
TABLE: contains 1 solo (wipe table) animation

Set includes (all items are re sizable):

- Island with counter top (with adult menu and kitchen animations), 4 prims
- Fridge (with adult menu and kitchen animations), 7 prims
- Sink with counter top (with kitchen animations and running water), 6 prims
- Stove (with kitchen animations and light up burners), 7 prims
- Chairs (with animations), 2 prims each
- Table (with wipe table animation), 3 prims
- Cabinet with counter top, 4 prims
- Dish rack shelf, 2 prims
- Upper cabinet, 2 prims
- Stove fan, 2 prims
- Chandelier, 5 prims
- Rug, 1 prim
- Brick wall, 5 prims
- Wall molding, 1 prim each

BONUS items below included (extra prims in addition to that listed above)

- Menu driven realistic food rezzing system with 54 food options (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and misc. categories)
- Dishes, cutlery, pots, pans, etc.
- Small counter kitchen appliances (kettle, toaster, blender, microwave, etc.)

Set changes color and size using a HUD

At Zen Creations we want you to be 100% happy with your purchase. All questions before and after purchase will be answered promptly."

Offering whole set and much more then just one item, new Zen French Farmhouse Kitchen, saving us money and time in search for additional items that will match to fill the whole room. Beside that obvious advantage, logical and easy to use color hud allows for high level of individual customization and making Zen French Farmhouse Kitchen to fit perfectly in any space of your choice. And naturally, there is big and easy to use adult menu in side.

All animations used in this new fine product, Zen French Farmhouse Kitchen, are high in quality, duration long and frames per second rich, carefully chosen and put together in this new product to provide you with best visual stimulation for your sensual and sexual RP moments.

On test for this review new Zen French Farmhouse Kitchen did function flawlessly, animations where smooth in transition, well aligned for average sized avatars and all was working good and i was not able to find any down side to it.

With my recommendation you can find this new Zen French Farmhouse Kitchen and other fine Zen Creations products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

SL Market Place:


In World Store:


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