::R:a:W:A:g:e:: Multi-Speed Love HUD 1.00

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Damonxstar Resident

- ::R:a:W:A:g:e:: High Quality Animations and Shapes

In the sea of sex HUD's on market its hard to choose and decide what is the right one and best one for you. And lets not forget the fact that HUD's do take significant segment of adult furniture market, because fact that when you have one you are ready to go where ever you like or/and can rezz. Many of you, my dear readers, asking me for recommendation of sex HUD's and its for me always safest answer to go with new one, same like with car lol. In that way you always have new animations and new positions to play with.

New ::R:a:W:A:g:e:: Multi-Speed Love HUD 1.00 is logical product, product of several years of making animations for furniture that are unified now in this new fine HUD. Its no secret that i do love the way Damonxstar, owner and creator of ::R:a:W:A:g:e:: High Quality Animations and Shapes, makes his animation and furniture, and you my readers with constant asking for more of his fine products on my blog and placing so many of them on your sims just confirm that im right.

SO what i would like to emphasize here, is fact that if you did like ::R:a:W:A:g:e:: furniture, you will with out the doubt, love this new fine HUD. So lets start with review.

Technical details and description from creator, Damonxstar Resident:

>> High Quality, Smooth and Realistic Motions! <<
********* Lots of Exclusive Animations You *********
************ Can Only Find in Our Items!*************

::R:a:W:A:g:e:: proudly presents it's first menu driven HUD, the Multi-Speed Love HUD!

This HUD uses the MLPRWH system, a customized version of the Multi Love Pose system.

The sample that can be viewed uder "Watch it in Action" is just an example of the many poses included in this item.

Watch our promo clip linked below to see more of our animations in action! --> View Video »

- 200 ::R:a:W:A:g:e:: Animations
- Remote HUD Option to grant control over poses to an other avatar
- Resynchronization of poses

Permissions: COPY & MOD (The Remote Hud and the scripts are no mod)

Our goal with this product was to have a hud that doesn't use up too much space on the screen, a hud that has all the important functions accessible without using dialog boxes, a hud that has functions like optional remote control and resynchronization.
All poses within a pose set share the same position coordinates, this means significantly lower memory consumption, shorter load times and quicker pose adjusting, but also means that you can't adjust individual poses within a pose set separately.
You need script running and rezzing rights on the land to operate this hud as it summons poseballs.

More items, furniture / designs available, take a look at our MP store or visit us inworld :)

Before purchasing anything, please read the extended policy and try the demos in our inworld store. Join our group and get a 10% discount on any purchases inworld!

The animations and the hud frame are modifiable (even though modifying it is not recommended), the scripts are not."

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After so detailed description from creator, Damonxstar, its not much left for me to say. I will add that i did test hud on several different sims and lag, and it always did preform well. Ideal for couples, feature that i did love the best, beside great animations, is the way hud layout is on the screen, making it so easy to use plus fact that u can speed up or slow down anything that you are doing. Really intuitive and easy to use product.

Animations are high in quality, frames per second rich and duration long so i'm sure you will be satisfied with them. Also on test for this review new ::R:a:W:A:g:e:: Multi-Speed Love HUD 1.00 did perform with out any problems, all animations where smooth in transition, well aligned and i was not able to find any down side to it.

With all that said, i do recommend new ::R:a:W:A:g:e:: Multi-Speed Love HUD 1.00 and other fine ::R:a:W:A:g:e:: High Quality Animations and Shapes to all my readers, and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

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