Sex Fireplace Wet 1100 +anim 2/3  4 some XPOSE_67d

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Windmaster4 Vernon

- Windmaster Production

Dear friend and creator Windmaster4 Vernon, is busy with releasing of new products for us, my dear readers. Latest in his new series is new fine Sex Fireplace Wet 1100 +anim 2/3  4 some XPOSE_67d.

Interesting and quite unique combination of water and fire, elegantly made and suitable for any time period RP. All of you that read my blog you know by now how big and easy menus made from Windmaster Production Store are, and this new fine Sex Fireplace Wet carries on that tradition. Made in two different menu versions, depends on your sexual preferences and needs, this new fine product will provide you with hours and hours of fun. So lets start with review.

Technical details and description from creator, Windmaster4 Vernon:

"Have a look at the Partial Menus in the pictures above!

2 Somes , M/F , F/F, Scenes , Cuddles, Dances, Massages
3 Somes (MMF, MFF, FFF ) Full Swap for more variety!
4 Somes ( For Couples! Do you want Full Swap? Yes can be done! Contact me.)

Xpose with Xcite & 1000 plus animations
Yes. Textures are Modify!

Visit the 7500 Prim Store to test away and for more Shopping !

Always something new :) please check the store Inworld for new updates or Newer Versions
Stand Alone Menus also Available.

Ps...If you need Vampire Poses.. just ask away..
Free Vampire Altar or Vampire Coffin with every purchase if you wish!
Want a Shopping Rebate? You will probably get anyways!

Trying to pose for your imagination....
Trying to make others Smile..one pose at a time!
Will Never say we are the best! Only trying to make all Better and Naughtier!

Have a Great one

Windmaster Productions

P.S.any errors or omissions are my fault - maybe!! Please let me know Thank you---
Setting Poses since 1998 (... maybe earlier ssshhhhh)

Need accents for your room to go with your bed, pool table, room (or whatever it is)
IM Harley Blum, she might have it as she has custom built most.
If she doesn't have ..Be Nice... and she might even make it for you!!!

One more thing ---UPDATES---
I can trade you the exact same newer version for your older version bed etc.
Will just cost you a donation to the wishing well at the store
to help Relay for Life which I happily Support always."

Made in 20 prims land impact, new fine Sex Fireplace Wet 1100 +anim 2/3 4 some XPOSE_67d is luxurious product, for decadent sensual and sexual pleasures for couple or groups, depend on what version you choose. Wide variety of activities and dance animation makes this fine new product ideal for any private SL home or open to public sim.

You can find Sex Fireplace Wet in different menu sizes and price ranges:

Sex Fireplace Wet 1100 +anim 2/3 4 some XPOSE_67d

Sex Fireplace Wet 625 +anim 2 some XPOSE_67d

all of them available in world store or on market place.

Main menu is easy to use and logical, divided on following sub menus: 2 somes, 3 somes, 4 somes and all do it buttons that will guide you in next sub menus. 2 somes in cuddles, mf, mf2, mf3, ff, scenes, massage, and dance buttons. 3 somes in cuddles, mmf, mff, fff, fem watch and male watch. 4 somes in 4 cuddle, 4 play, 4 play 2, 4 play 3, scene 4 some. So as you can see plenty ways to use and enjoy in this new fine product.
(Menu data is given for biggest Sex Fireplace Wet 1100 +anim 2/3 4 some XPOSE_67d)

All animations used in new Sex Fireplace Wet are high in quality and long in duration and on the test for this review Bath Tub round performed flawlessly. All animations where smooth in transition and well aligned. I was not able to find any downside to this fine product.

With all that said, i do recommend new Sex Fireplace Wet and other fine Windmaster Production products to all my readers, and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

SL Market place:



In World Store:


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