[dc] Dinah's NY Realm Livingroom - ADULT

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: IsisRea Diavolo

- Diavolo Creations Mainstore

Autumn is time with bundle of everything in RL, and when you compare that to SL its safe to say with bundle of new quality furniture releases. Long time awaited, new release from Diavolo Creations Mainstore is out. Not just item, but whole set; [dc] Dinah's NY Realm Livingroom - ADULT. So i'm sure that waiting did pay off now ;)

Kidding on the side, i know how much you love IsisRea Diavolo creations for several reasons like low prim, low price, high quality and many more, but quality takes time to be made.

In new [dc] Dinah's NY Realm Livingroom - ADULT you will find all that you use to find in all Diavolo Creations Mainstore products, with benefit of having all that you need to fill up whole room, so lets start with review.

Technical details and description from creator, IsisRea Diavolo:

"As the name already suggests, this set was made for my friend Dinah who needed a low land impact, yet kinky living-room furniture to fit her New York themed skybox. And what a gal can do to fulfill these needs: keep almost everything below or equal to 3 LI, make some stylish leather texture with fun NY-style pillows and fill it with the coolest animations one can use in a roleplay or for a casual hangout. It's almost a perfect mix between vanilla and BDSM, suitable for various occasions.

The sofa's menu is almost identical with the Ol' Timers Sofa menu and the armchair's menu with the Kinker's Leather Armchair, but the table is brand new and has two versions: 1 LI with only one animation so you can use the top counter to expose your own decoration items, and the 3 LI, suitable for couples as well, where a small side of the table will remain suitable to display the 2 LI, unscripted decoration also provided by us. I wont talk too much about the rug or about the kinky decoration, because that's not scripted, but the rest are having some common functions: all are using AVsitter with RLV feature (if you use it with RLV enabled viewer and open relay), gives you all the necessary props and using the latest experience key for automatic temp-attachment.

Please be aware that the solo submissive poses are suitable for both genders but most of the couple animations are more suitable for female submissive. The dominant poses are suitable for both gender though most of the sexual ones will require a strapon for female dominants.

The armchair and the sofa basically can do most of the things you need: has solo, has D/s, has cuddle, has soft bondage, vanilla and some normal adult animations. But this is something you must try inworld rather then me doing the presentation, so please, visit my mainstore to try it to be sure if meets your expectations and needs.


- Everything is mesh, with copy and modify permissions (except the scripts, the animations and the props, which are no mod)
- At default size the sofa count 3 LI, the armchair 2 LI, the simple table 1 LI, the couple table 3 LI, the kinky decor 2 LI and the rug 5 LI (that means approximatively 17 LI if you will rez the whole set as in the provided REZBOX made the setup)
- All the scripted furnitures are RLV compatible (with an RLV compatible viewer and open relay)
- Suitable for 2 avatars only. It can be used by different genres but most couple animations are for female captives. As always, TRY INWORLD BEFORE YOU BUY!
- Uses the AVsitter2 menu engine so no poseballs involved and props are using the latest Experience Key system (read IMPORTANT NOTES below!)
- SOFA - solo animations (12 casual, 8 female, 8 male, 9 activity), couple animations (31 cuddle + love story sequence, 13 play, 12 xxx, 8 tied), hands out RLV relay, rope and help notecard, 4 texture option (from menu)
- ARMCHAIR - gives out relay and help notecard, swap to sub option, control your submissives solo animations, capture them, solo ( 13 Female, 13 Male, 5 Sub), cuddle (14 normal, 10 D/s friendly), entertain (3), serve (8), d/s (21) and xxx (10), 4 texture option (from menu)
- TABLE - simple version (1 solo pose), couple version (4 sub solo and 6 couple anims)
- KINKY DECOR - not scripted
- RUG - 5LI, copy&mod, 4 textures (not scripted, for each texture version included separate object )
- Options for the owner letting them decide if the captured person can or cannot access their own animation menu. This can be changed through the AVpose notecard by changing the value after SUBCONTROL from 1 to 0 (read IMPORTANT NOTES below!)


- Our furniture uses the AVsitter EXPERIENCE KEYS system for automatic temp-attachment props. Read more about this feature here: http://diavolocreations.wix.com/home#!help/cj1k

!! If users do Not enable the 'AVsitter' by Code Violet experience then each prop will require permission to attach - as it was before - but the user may receive the message "Could not auto-attach, because the experience is not enabled on the land." If you get that message don't freak out, the furniture is not broken, land just simply does not allows auto-attachment.

- You might experience some animations not triggered well at first. This can be caused by lower net connection, but also some hidden sequences needs more time to load, but they will run smoothly once they are "stored" in catch. If there is an animation which does not trigger at all please STOP your AO (animation overrider) as this may be overwriting the animation in the furniture.

- Because avatar heights vary in SL, animations cannot be adjusted to fit perfectly for everyone. The menu provides you with a simple option to adjust the animation to your avatar height"

After so detailed description from creator, there is not much left for me to say, but i will add this: [dc] Dinah's NY Realm Livingroom - ADULT offers the benefit of the whole set, and that saves you time and money. Time that you will spend on searching for all matching items to fill space that you wanna use it and money that you will spend on buying it. Here you have all that you need already in purchase box, all you have to do it is rezz and enjoy.

With popular low price, high quality and smooth performance new [dc] Dinah's NY Realm Livingroom - ADULT is safe and smart buy for all.

All animations used in this new [dc] Dinah's NY Realm Livingroom - ADULT are high in quality, duration long and frames per second rich, and they will provide you with awesome visual animated stimulation for your sensual and sexual RP moments.

On test for this review [dc] Dinah's NY Realm Livingroom - ADULT did performed flawlessly, all animations where smooth in transition, well aligned, all rezzable items where rezzing in time and in right place and i was not able to find any downside to it.

With that said, i do recommend this new [dc] Dinah's NY Realm Livingroom - ADULT and other fine Diavolo Creations Mainstore products to all my readers and you can find them on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

SL Market Place:


In World Store:


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