Xplicit Naughty Kitchen (c)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jodi Morane


Well known fact for all interactive bloggers; if a creator makes good product, readers ask to review something from him/her each week. Jodi Morane, owner and creator of XPLICIT FURNISHINGS sex furniture will be ok with even two items per week judging by your requests my dear readers. But lets remember that she is just human, not terminator model 101 ;). Plus high quality items take time to be made. What I'm authorized to do is to give you little wink that you will soon have a new add-on for her well known Xplicit Vault, so you won't have to wait couple months for a new item.

Ok, now lets get back to biz, on the  subject of our todays review- new Xplicit Naughty Kitchen (c). Allegory that used about terminator M101 i did on purpose, because this new kitchen is terminator of all other kitchens, and it's also rumor that the new Xplicit Naughty Kitchen (c) eats all other kitchen on market for breakfast. I will leave that to you to confirm, I'm too scared to cook naked ;)

Technical details and description from creator, Jodi Morane:


Not just another kitchen, this is something you have never seen before in Second Life. This is designed to entertain and stimulate as it allows you to integrate your sexual role play with your home-maker instincts.

Finish off your home with this multi-functional kitchen which includes a sex menu to suit every desire, singles and couples chores and hangout animation menus.

The rezzable IPAD allows you to have the most realistic cooking experience in Second Life. The IPAD plays our “YouTube” channel with 8 recipes. Your related props are rezzed and you must touch them to attach and complete each task in order to continue cooking that recipe. If you delay at the stove you will burn the meal.

- 273 animations, (single and couples)
- Functional IPAD with 8 interactive cooking recipes (custom scripts)
- 23 Land impact (Maximum 48 LI with RP and rezzed props)
- 7 full sequence scenes (custom script sequencer with unique controls)
- 117 props (objects) with various functions.
- Texture Menu for wood, tiles, marbles and leather with owner security (custom scripts texturer).
- Working fridge (touch to open doors)
- Working stove (Custom script control of knobs for individual burners)
- Working faucet, water ON/OFF

Right click and sit on the kitchen. Touch the kitchen to get a menu.

Kitchen will auto detect gender; male and female will be given the correct menu. To swap, use the SWAP button.

The IPAD button on the main menu will rezz and de-rezz the IPAD on the kitchen counter.
Touch the IPAD to choose one of the 8 recipes. Follow the prompts in local chat to be animated for each recipes. You may touch and pause the playing voice recipes, this will not pause the sequence scene for the recipe. You go back on the IPAD and this will end the scene. This new interactive role playing rezzes various ingredients and related items which when touched will animate you. If you delay in removing the food from the burner you will end up with burnt food so keep focus.
Baking the Congrats Cake or Birthday Cake will allow you to write the name of the recipient and take the cake and give it to that person if you are the owner of the kitchen.

The scenes have a built in control. These controls allow you to go backward, forward and show you in the menu where you are in the scene as it plays out.
Use the stop button and go back into the other sub-menus.

This is accessible to all whilst seated on the kitchen under "ADJUST" button but has security options for owner

Under the "ADJUST” menu "Rezzprops" with owner security (Custom script rezzer from menu)

•    Coffee Maker- gives attachable coffee (3 land impact)
•    16 Books, 3 photos and blender (4 land impact)
•    Basket with 9 fruits gives attachable pear and apple(2 land impact)
•    Kettle gives tea (1 land impact)
•    Glassware in cabinet, over 65 pieces (4 land impact)
•    Toaster gives attachable toast(1 land impact)
•    Wine bottles gives attachable wine glass(1 land impact)
•    Utensils (2 land impact)

Enable Experience on your land parcel. This will allow all users to use the kitchen with experience and auto attach the props. IF this is not done when the related pose is chosen a message will prop up asking you for permission to attach to your AV.
YOU WILL NOT HAVE COPIES OF THESE PROPS IN YOUR INVENTORY. You can right click on the attached prop and edit the position of the prop for better fit. Once you go to another pose the prop will detach. The edits that you had done to the prop fitting your avatar will not be saved.

There are various props that will rezz to support various animations. These are linked to sitter menus and may not appear unless both sitters are on the kitchen.

To better match your avatar size you can use the [ADJUST] menu and go to [POSE]

This is available only to the owner. Use the [ADJUST] sub-menu to find the security sub-menu.

11. FACE
This is available only to the owner. Face animation will play for relevant poses such as licking or an open mouth for blowjobs.

12. EXPERIENCE (this Kitchen can work without experience but it works best with it enabled)
“Second Life has now enabled 'experiences' which will allow automatic attachments (no permission request).

Enable the experience 'AVsitter' (by Code Violet) on your land, estate or parcel level by adding it to the Allowed list. Experiences are enabled under 'About Land' in the SL viewer.” (by Code Violet)

Rezz the updater box to get the newest version.

Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. If you experience any difficulties at all please contact us directly via IM or visit us in-person at our Main Store

Jodi Morane"

New Xplicit Naughty Kitchen (c) is made in 23 prims land impact (when its not in use), in 100% flawless and high LOD mesh. Flawless and ultra detailed design, thats trade mark of all XPLICIT FURNISHINGS sex furniture products, will make this fine new product decoration of your SL home in same time combined with high functional value. It is available in PG version too and let me say it goes perfectly with Xplicit Pleasure Bar.

Now Xplicit Naughty Kitchen (c) is much more then just sex kitchen or some kitchen looking mesh with modified bed menu inside. It contains many solutions and options that are never seen in SL so far. For example, if you rezz the interactive IPad from the menu you will be actually able to cook, while voice is telling you recipes, animated scene will follow your work and progress. But don't forget, its interactive, so if you not stirring it right it can burn ;) Recommended music video for this review will be Dale Watson & The Texas Two- My Baby Makes Me Gravy


So with texture changer, unseen number of props that can be rezzed (117 props), 7 scenes, working fridge, facet and stove and many other things, its almost impossible for me to describe for you what this fine new Xplicit Naughty Kitchen (c) can do. Just take my advice please, take a few moments of your time, and go in Xplicit in world store, try it for your self, and you will also have Xplicit Staff on your disposal to answer all your possible questions.

Main menu is made in AVsitter™2.1 no pose balls system, easy to use and logical, divided on following sub menus: IPad, solo, cuds&kisses, fridge, sharing, cook&wash, preparation, oral, kitchen sex and adjust button. So as you can see all that you need and more is in side.

All the animations used in this new Xplicit Naughty Kitchen (c) are high in quality, duration long and frame per second rich, providing you with awesome visual animated stimulation for your sensual and sexual RP moments.

On test for this review new Xplicit Naughty Kitchen (c) did perform with out any problems, all animations where smooth in transition and well aligned for average sized avis, so i was not able to find any down side to this fine new product.

With my recommendation, you can find this new Xplicit Naughty Kitchen (c) and other fine XPLICIT FURNISHINGS sex furniture products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

Market Place Store:


In World Store:


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