Dictatorshop Twisted Easter Bunny Trap 1.0

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Dictatorshop Resident

- Dictatorshop
 Dictator Shop

Dear friends and readers, its Easter Sunday, time for the egg hunt. I was thinking shall i made review of another sex menu egg or something in that direction, but then i was having talk with Dictatorshop Resident, owner and creator of Dictatorshop store, and she told me that she has free hunt going on in her store for this unique and "seasonable" new Twisted Easter Bunny Trap 1.0.

So i said to my self, why spend if you can have it for free, and in same time enjoy some traditional Easter search fun. For all to be fair and "by the book" i went to store alone, when owner was not on line, and i did search for it my self. took me like minute to find it, so its really easy.

What you looking for is golden rotating box, like from Hellraiser film, you buy it for 0 L$ when you find it, wear gift card thats in side, and new Dictatorshop Twisted Easter Bunny Trap 1.0 will be delivered to you where ever in SL you might be.

Ill be even so bold, because i wanna give you extra head start, and tell you to go right when you enter the store, dont look down, its not on the floor. Just look for biggest piece of furniture in the room right from the entrance room, that was reviewed on my blog and look above it ;)

And there you have it, new Dictatorshop Twisted Easter Bunny Trap 1.0 is yours. Ideal for RLV D/S play, simple, cute and effective.

I hope you will enjoy this new free item, and that you and your RL and SL families will have happy Easter.

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