Domestic Bliss- Blissful Balloon

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Bell Asteria

- Domestic Bliss Store

I did have pleasure to review many different vehicles with sex menu so far in SL, for you my dear readers. Bikes, cars, even space ships. But never hot air balloon. Till now. New Domestic Bliss- Blissful Balloon is original and innovative idea, and all of you know that i do like sex menus in unusual spaces, so i'm really fun of this new fine product.

Description and technical details from creator, Bell Asteria:

"I hope you enjoy this flying Hammock.
The flight script is based on Jopsy Pendragon Balloon script, the original free version is from the Vehicle Laboratory with modifications made by the lovely Vesta Pearl.
First sitter is the owner & the Female position, why you ask? because its ladies first, thats why.
If you the owner are a Man, just choose Copilot to get the Male sits and you can still fly the Airship.
There are no Poseballs, right click and choose Fly.
Say in local chat, start/stop to begin or stop flight.
Use the arrow and pge up & down keys to pilot the bed.
You can use the sex menu while in flight, no need to stop.
Whichever you choose, only the owner can Fly the bed.
The prims are mod so you can change the look of the Hammock to suit yourself.
*Adjust menu
*Adjust and save your poses
*Turn facial expressions on or off
*Anyone can sit and use the sex menu after you have set security level.

Cruise the Skies & Copulate in the Clouds
Couple Sex
Hetero & Lesbian
Menu works while in flight
Easy adjust poses
Facial expressions on or off
Set security
165 Animations
Non flyable demo at my in world store

Any questions you might have send a notecard to Bell Asteria.
Feel free to drop into my small store anytime, dont worry.........its open 24/7!! Look for the Tp pad and you may feel free to use my small modern style Dungeon as well.
One last thing, I hope you feel great & are having a nice day."

Made in 19 prims land or shall i say air impact new Domestic Bliss- Blissful Balloon innovative approach to places where you can RP and have sex will, i hope, pleasantly surprise you, just like it was charmed me on test for this review.

Fly around, rezz it on ground and fuck or fly and fuck; all works and all goes ;)

Main menu in AVsitter™2.1 no pose balls system, user friendly and logical, divided on following sub menus: pilot and copilot. After you press pilot button following sub menus will show up: sit, cuddles, masturbate, girl girl, sex, give dildo and adjust button.

Animations used in this new Domestic Bliss- Blissful Balloon are in top quality, duration long and frames per second rich, carefully chosen to provide you with best visual animated stimulation for your sensual and erotic RP moments.

On test for this review i was not able to find any down side to this fine new product, Domestic Bliss- Blissful Balloon was performing flawlessly, animations where smooth in transition and they where well adjusted for average size avatars.

For all options and quality that this new product is offering to us at fair price i can only recommend new Domestic Bliss- Blissful Balloon and other fine Domestic Bliss Store creations that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:

SL Market Place:


In World Store:


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