Think Kink, Hopeless_II

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Ilana Debevec

- Think Kink Lifestyles

New store, for the first time on my blog, Think Kink Lifestyles, is specialized in bondage products. Variety and options to choose is always good for consumer so i do hope you, my dear readers, will like what they have to offer :)

New Think Kink, Hopeless_II is also exclusive product for INDULGENCE BDSM & KINK FAIR and you can buy it there for half price true August.

Technical details and description from creator, Ilana Debevec:

"It's a brand new refresh of one of tk's favorites, it's now Hopeless II.

(this is a quick help, get the FULL help from the Device! Click , >>> Get, > Toy Help)

All new mesh, all new look, more chains, more animated poses, more chains, more color/texture choices, more chains, timers!

.....did we mention more chains!?!?!

We took the original concept of Hopeless and turned it up to 11.

9 leash rings,
14 attachment points (wrist cuffs (2), ankle cuffs (2), collar front/back, upper arm cuffs (2), thigh cuffs (2), belt attachments (4).
19 chain attachment points (a bunch!)

(Lockguard and Lockmeister compatible)

tkChainHelpers for those restraints that need MORE CHAINS!

Fully RLVa enabled.

Chameleon Textures

6 rusty wall plates
4 metal wall plates
6 rusty rings
4 metal rings
3 rusty locks
3 metal locks

mix and match to YOUR look, from the darkest dankest dungeon to a elegant display restraint.... YOUR CHOICES

9 animated stress positions for your victims

((Animations from Sylva Petrov & Pips Fetid (Sylva's Animation Factory), Holly Cedarbridge and  Namidame Nakamori

Device emotes in 3 languages (> Device, >Options, Language) English, German, French
Device can be muted (>Device, >Options, DevMute)

Timers! Oh do we have timers! (5 styles) plus penalties

((We gratefully acknowledge Ochi Wolfe and their wonderful FurWare text system, the script in the Hopeless II is no mod for security
  however you can get full info and sources from here http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/FURWARE_text)

While we're at it, thank you Wolfie for the amazing mesh work...  the original Hopeless was 29PE, Hopeless II, with triple the evil, 19PE)

ThinkKink is entering a whole new phase... you ain't seen nothing yet.....

Stay Tuned.....

and remember........


Ilana Debevec, Head Developer and CEP (Chief Executive Pervert) - Think Kink Lifestyles
Serjourn Daxter, CEO, Think Kink"

Specialized for bondage and D/S new Think Kink, Hopeless_II provides you with all that you need for high quality restrained and chained RP scenario. 19 chain attachment points gives new Think Kink, Hopeless_II 19 prims land impact, but for someone who is heavy in bondage that shouldn't be much of the problem.

After you sit on new Think Kink, Hopeless_II you will get menu divided on following sub menus: lock, pose, perfect pose, avatar device, timer, get and access button.

On test for this review new Think Kink, Hopeless_II did work good, animations where smooth in transition, all was rezzin in right time and right place and i was not able to find any down side to this new product.

This new Think Kink, Hopeless_II and other fine Think Kink Lifestyles products you can find on INDULGENCE BDSM & KINK FAIR and in world store on links under the text:



In World Store:


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