DIGS - Ferryside Couch - Adult [MESH]

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Iris Maskelyne

- DIGS - Furniture & Prefabs

In SL some creators trying to make difference, to make furniture that will not only be functional but to be decoration to, eye catcher and something that will make ur virtual space even more decorated and pleasant place to be for you and your  friends. One of those creator that "walks extra mile" in her design is by any doubt Iris Maskelyne owner of - DIGS - Furniture & Prefabs. This is what she says about her store " I set up shop with DIGS about 6 months after joining Second Life. I had begun building with prims and template sculpts a few months before. Almost 4 years on I'm working with my own mesh models and hand-painting textures to create original furniture with which people can decorate their homes. I've always had a focus on usability, so my animations engines have evolved over the years to make items as versatile, varied and inclusive as possible."
Today its my privilege to review for you my readers Iris latest product, DIGS - Ferryside Couch - Adult [MESH]. First what got my attention on this couch was the design. Showing that DIGS creation not only fell comfortable in manors, castles and high class interior, but also in young peoples apartment and homes, urban RP sims ect. In this 100% mesh original DIGS build object with just 5 prims land impact is texture changer to that gives you diverse selection of texture options for the wood, cushions and pillows. Following what looks to be latest trend in adult furniture now, Iris use no pose balls system on this couch that contains MF, FF and MM cuddles, kisses and adult poses and premium quality chosen animations in intuitive and user friendly menu. To conclude; great looking, well rounded low prim modern couch build by latest trends and technology that SL offers that will satisfied any demanding customer needs. Be sure to try it out ;)



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